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Mum Dresses Baby Son In Different Halloween Costume For EVERY DAY Of October

Forget about celebrating Halloween with your child for one day or weekend. One mum has been celebrating the spooky occasion with her son for an entire month... Talk about dedicated. Jessica Chavkin has dressed her four-month-old son Noah up in a different costume for the whole of October.

The creative mum has been posting Noah’s many looks on her Instagram profile, which has included takes on characters such as Tarzan, the Hungry Caterpillar and even Harry Potter.

‘With the arrival of Noah there was just so much fun potential for costumes,’ says Jessica, 32. ‘When I started trying to decide what Noah should be for his first Halloween I couldn't decide. As the list got longer and longer I realized I didn't have to decide, Noah could be everything and we could count our way down to Halloween in style.'

While it looks to be a time-consuming business, Jessica says that it’s only taken her around 15-30 minutes each day to complete the costumes – usually while Noah’s having his nap.

Check out our favourites...
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Day 1

Skeleton baby
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Day 2

French baby
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Day 3

The hungry caterpillar
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Day 5

Snoopy's Charlie Brown
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Day 6

Viking baby
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Day 7

Pink Floyd baby
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Day 10

Top Gun baby
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Day 12

Ski baby
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Day 13

Kermit and Miss Piggy babies
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Day 14

Where's Wally baby
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Day 15

Tarzan baby
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Day 16

Monopoly baby
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Day 20

Harry Potter baby
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Day 25

Despicable Me baby
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Day 28

Rocket baby

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