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The best nappy rash creams to soothe sore bottoms

The best nappy rash creams to soothe sore bottoms

Almost all babies suffer from nappy rash in some form during their time wearing nappies - as a mum, it can feel inevitable. Seeing your baby's perfectly peachy bottom turn red raw and sore can be heartbreaking, especially when you've been taking care of it as best you can during nappy changes. 

But, there are lots of nappy rash creams available to buy that will help clear up that red botty. 

There are three different types of nappy rash cream available, and it's important to know the difference so that you buy the best one to look after your baby's bottom: 

Barrier creams

Use a barrier cream as a preventative measure in your daily nappy changing routine, as long as your baby’s skin is intact. Once your tot’s bum is completely dry, apply a super-thin layer before popping on her nappy.

Emollient creams

If the skin on your tot’s bum looks dry, itchy or scaly, then an emollient will help to get her skin back into a state where it can deal with the onslaught of all the poo and wee. They soothe, smooth and hydrate the skin, but you’ll need to reapply frequently.

Antiseptic creams

If that nappy rash is starting to look a little worse, then apply twice a day until the rash resolves. It’ll help to soothe your tot’s skin as it gets to work on the bacteria, so it’ll quickly help her feel more comfortable too.

Antifungal creams

If your baby has a Candidal nappy rash, the infection will need to be treated with an anti-fungal cream. Get your GP's advice first - they'll be able to identify if it is indeed a fungal infection. If you want to buy it over the counter, you'll probably have to speak to the pharmacist first to make sure you're getting the best product. 

Find out more about the different types of nappy rash in our essential guide here

When you should ring your GP 

If your baby's nappy rash isn't clearing up after using a general nappy rash cream, if it's getting worse, or if it's bleeding and looking infected, then book an appointment with your GP to get it checked out. They can do a test to find out if the rash is infected and advise you on the best course of action. 

Which are the best nappy rash creams? 

Check out the best nappy rash creams you can buy today and pop them in your online shopping basket now: 


Best barrier creams

This is one of the most popular nappy rash creams on the market and mums swear by it. You can use it as a barrier cream to prevent the rash occuring, or, if the rash appears, apply it to soothe and heal that red bottom. 

Sudocrem 250g

£4.29 - RRP: £5.63

If you don't have a pot of this in the bathroom, are you even a parent? It's a must-have and looks after bums and other sore bits throughout childhood. Just make sure you don't leave it within reach of little hands - it gets EVERYWHERE. The water-repellant base will prevent rashes occurring, but if there is soreness, it'll soothe and calm that bottom straight away. 

Specially formulated to look after babies' bottoms, this gentle but effective cream is a M&B favourite. It's completely natural, with each Weleda product researched by a team of midwives and pharmacists to support the development of healthy skin. 

The Weleda range was Shortlisted in the 2019 M&B Awards Best Baby Skincare Range/Product category - read our full review here

This all-natural balm from Kit & Kin is specifically designed to soothe baby's sore skin, using naturally nourishing oils and botanical extracts. It smells divine and smoothes over your tot's bottom to create a barrier, preventing a rash, or soothing nappy rash once it appears. 

Best emollient cream

When I first had my baby boy, Eli, every single mum I spoke to about nappy rash talked about "the one in the yellow tube". I swear by this, and it was rare for his little bottom not to be smeared in yellow cream for several months. If there was a hint of redness, I smeared this emollient cream on and it would clear up very quickly. 

Best antiseptic cream

Hands up if this antiseptic cream made regular appearances throughout your childhood? It's a traditional favourite for good reason - it's reliable and trustworthy for giving antiseptic protection and healing to nappy rashes, and everything else for years afterwards too. Your first aid cabinet isn't complete without a tube of this. 

Best antifungal cream

Canesten clotrimazole cream is used to treat fungal nappy rash. It's a pharmacy item, so you'll have to complete a questionaire at checkout to buy this, to make sure you're getting the right product for your needs. 

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