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New data reveals co-sleeping causes 133 accidental deaths every year

Co sleeping

New data by the Department of Education has revealed more than 130 babies die each year as a result of co-sleeping accidents.

According to the Department for Education’s data, co-sleeping has been linked to 665 baby deaths in the UK over the past five years. The risk of accidents goes up if a parent smokes, has drunk alcohol or taken drugs or is very tired, experts say.

Frances Bates from The Lullaby Trust has said on the matter: ‘Some parents choose to share a bed with their baby, but we recommend they keep in mind the risk factors.

The HSE guidelines for safe sleeping advise you generally shouldn’t co-sleep with your baby, especially if your baby was premature or less than three months old.

For a long time, co-sleeping has been a controversial topic - whilst many parents embrace sharing a bed with their child, others are nervous about the dangers.

The NHS adds parents who smoke or have been drinking alcohol should never co-sleep, and advise placing the baby to sleep on its back, using a flat, firm mattress. When in a cot, pram, or Moses basket, you should place your baby in the ‘feet to foot’ position, with their feet touching the end.

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