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Our Top 10 Baby Photobombs

We may have found the one thing that’s cuter than a baby photo – a baby photobomb. From celeb babies to tots around the world, we’ve rounded up our favourite photobomb snaps. And we’d love to add in your little one’s own hilarious modelling debut – just email it to us at
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Royally Bored | REX Features

It may have been two and a half years ago, but how could we forget the grumpy-yet-gorgeous girl Grace at Wills and Kate’s wedding. She really didn’t want to be there.
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Selfie @snookienic

Snookie is loving her manicure in this Instagram snap, but we’re reckon the Geordie Shore star’s son look of ‘Oh mum, not another selfie’ is what makes it.
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I Can See You @HilaryDuff

This pic from Hilary Duff is a bit like Where’s Wally – it takes a few moments to locate what the photobombing is. But look closely and you’ll soon see the actress’ baby boy at the window…
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Santa Snap @GiulianaRancic

E! News presenter Giuliana Rancic posted this sweet snap of her husband Bill and baby photobombing Santa. A good idea if you don’t have time to wait in line? We think so.
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An All-American Christmas | REX Features

All it took to make President Obama to crack a smile was a couple of kids pulling silly faces in this lovely festive photo.
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Peekaboo! @idontwannagrowup

Good luck photoshopping that toddler out of this pic, girls. He probably just wanted to see if they had any leftovers he could nab…
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Flying Colours | Reddit

This poor baby had no choice in her photobombing experience. But her Superman-style pose is a favourite online and definitely made the two other women in the photo laugh.
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It’s All About Me | Courtesy of Linda Sharps

Linda Sharps’ baby’s accidental photobomb became an instant Internet sensation – and it’s easy to see why. According to the mum of two, her son grabbed the camera leaving her with this adorable close-up.
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Double Trouble |

When Colleen Rooney tried to take this snap of her baby son Klay, his older brother Kai jumped into the shot with a cheeky smile in tow. One to add to the family album, Col.
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Hello! | This Is Photobomb

Without the addition of this baby’s forehead in this shot, we reckon it would have been a pretty dull photo. Way to go, little man.

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