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(SERIOUSLY CUTE) VIDEO! Huskies Teach Baby How To Crawl

Is your baby struggling with crawling? He could get all the support he needs from some canine friends…

We couldn’t resist reporting on the YouTube sensation baby and his beyond-cute dogs. It’s the sweetest video we’ve seen in a while – a couple of huskies providing support for a crawling baby.

In the video, the baby is attempting to crawl by pulling himself along the floor. Sounds like a normal development stage until you spot his two husky companions crawling alongside him…

The dogs appear to be showing the baby how it’s done – and even speed along ahead of him. Aw. Watch the video below:

It would appear that dogs really are a man’s (and in this case, baby’s) best friend.

What tricks did you use to encourage your baby to crawl? Let us know below.

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