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7 Ways To Make Bathtime Fun

If you’ve got a soap-dodger on your hands, you may need to employ a few tricks to get him into the water

While some tots can’t get enough of bath time, wanting to spend all evening splashing around, others take a dislike to it and need extra parental effort to lure them into the water.

Try role-play

If your child enjoys bringing his toys to life, find one that’s bath-friendly and let him take it into the bath. Wash the toy’s hair and get him to do to the toy what needs to be done to him to get clean. He’ll enjoy bossing his toy, just as you boss him.

Introduce Tupperware

Find containers that are different shapes and sizes – your toddler will love filling them up and trying to pour the bathwater between them.

Play the floating game

Ask an older toddler to guess whether different objects will float or sink. Alternatively, you can pop a few bath toys into a bag and then let him pull them out – lucky-dip-style – while he’s in the bath.

Get arty

Bath paints and crayons are fun, but watch that they’re not used outside of the bathroom – er, on the bedroom walls. For a less messy option, try playing catch in the bath with a small ball, which your child has to throw to you.

Buy a new bath product

If your toddler goes through an anti-bath stage, think about letting him choose some new bubble bath – Matey has great kid-friendly bottles in the shape of pirates and princesses. Then you can decorate each other with bubble beards and make bubble islands for toy boats to around.

Get in too

There’s nothing quite as fun as Mummy or Daddy getting in the bath too. Even if you have more than one child, you can all (try to) pile in and play Row, row, row the boat and sing other water-themed nursery rhymes. What shall we do with the drunken sailor? anyone?

Let him have a water snack

As a last resort, if you’re really struggling to get your toddler clean, you can always let him have a pre-bed favourite snack in the bath, to add an element of novelty to the occasion (although expect to be fishing banana skin out afterwards).


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