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The Grandparent Childcare Hacks We All Recognise

So your little one is running around hyped up on sugar and deliriously happy with his new toys? Yep, grandma’s been to visit. The little ones love her – and she’s your childcare saviour in times of need (e.g. all the time). Despite the occasional in-law induced family feud, grandparents always play an invaluable part in family life. Here are their toddler tricks and baby care short cuts that we can all learn from …

Socialising with your tot (without using technology)

It’s easy to leave your toddler to his own devices (aka with the CBeebies app on the iPad) but interacting and playing with your tot or watching Peppa Pig together (like he does at grandma's) can have a better effect on his development.

Grandad seems to be enjoying himself a little too much...

Creating a reward system

Grandma’s house is greeted with open arms because of the prospect of being treated, so create a reward system for when he does something that you’re proud of.This doesn’t mean having chocolate for breakfast because he finally slept in his own bed for the whole night.

Your kid’s in control

For some, grandma’s house is a rule-free zone ­– but there’s nothing wrong with occasionally incorporating a little of that into your home too, even if it’s embedded in reverse psychology and him thinking he’s ruling the roost. 

Sharing is caring

Kids get way more excited about picking from the kitchen where grandma is cooking Sunday roast or eating your food than their own, so let him have a bite or two off your plate occasionally.

Your tot’s the centre of all attention

Whether it’s having him pick out his sleepsuit himself or dressing her up in that Elsa dress and letting her sing on the tabletop – let your little ones take centre stage like they do at grandma's.

Granny has so many tricks in that fancy dress box

Meal time is fun!

From making Tom and Jerry cakes with granddad to having his food cut into cool shapes by grandma, no wonder he doesn’t regularly fling himself (and the food) on the floor at their house.

Keeping calm and carrying on

Getting upset will only turn your household into a war zone and cause your toddler to dig in even deeper, so smile a la grandma.

Keep calm and act like grandma

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