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The Household And Everyday Products To Keep Out Of Kids’ Reach

How To Toddler-Proof Your Home

While it’s a pretty special time when your baby starts crawling, there is a downside. Suddenly every corner, cupboard and counter seems like a accident waiting to happen. Baby proofing your home isn’t just about getting child guards and safety gate – it’s also about being careful with the products and items your tot may decide to taste. Get clued up on the household items to baby proof to keep your baby safe and your sanity intact.

Dishwasher tablets

Dishwasher tablets can seem like sweets to babies but they definitely aren’t suitable treats, as they tend to be extremely alkaline and can cause internal damage. If your tot swallows one, encourage her to swill milk or water around in her mouth and take small sips of one or the other, as well as seeking medical advice. 


Babies are basically mini magpies – they love anything shiny to play with. And playing with often means chewing on or eating. So, save yourself from fishing your wedding ring out of your tot’s poo and keep all of your jewellery safely out of reach.  

Washing powder

You would think that after one fistful of washing powder, your baby would realise it’s no Ella’s Kitchen pouch. But your tot doesn’t know that a mouthful of suds isn’t great for her stomach. Put a lock on the kitchen cupboard for washing powder and all other cleaning products. 

Cat food

While your cat’s dinner may not be everyone’s idea of a good meal, it might seem tempting to your baby. The wet food isn’t thought to do your baby any harm, it’s not recommended for human’s to eat.  Also, chances are kitty’s been there first. The dry food can be a choking risk, so it’s best kept on a high surface, that your cat can jump up on to and your baby can’t reach. 


Even if you don’t leave batteries lying around, they can easily fall out of the TV remote or alarm clock. Tape the battery compartment on your electronic items closed so there’s no chance of your tot choking on them. 


Coins spur another magpie moment – from both adults and children. But, hopefully, adults have the sense not to put them in their mouth! Children on the other hand… Keep loose change safely zipped up in a purse or wallet to make sure there are no accidents.


Seems an obvious one, but always remember to stow your medicine away – under lock and key is best.  

Fridge magnets

While they may seem safe on the fridge, magnets have a habit of falling off and are easy for small hands to grab. While a single magnet may pass through your tot, it’s definitely a choking hazard to avoid. 

Toilet brush

Most people keep the toilet brush on the floor beside the toilet, making it an easily accessible place for a young child. Teeming with nasty toilet germs, it’s definitely not something you want your tot chewing on. *Gags*

Blind cords

They may seem super convenient, but there’s a chance window blind cords can be pose a choking risk for babies. Keep your baby’s highchair, and chairs and sofa’s she can climb onto, away from windows and tie up any cords out of reach or replace with curtains for peace of mind. 

Aerosol spray 

Spraying cans of hairsprays, air fresheners, disinfectants and insecticides is lots of fun for an infant – but contain lots of nasty chemicals that can make your tot ill if she sprays them on herself. Keep products like these safely stowed away in high cupboards where your baby can’t get to them.


Even though most plastic bags are made with small air holes these days, babies may still get tangled up in them if left unattended. So, keep a careful eye on your tot when you’re putting away the food shopping and store every plastic bag somewhere that your baby can’t get to.

Hot drinks

Hot drinks come with one big risk – spillage. Which isn’t good for your carpets or your baby. Avoid any scalds and burns by making your coffee when your baby is safely encased in her bouncer/high chair/cot and keep your mug on a shelf, counter top or somewhere well out of reach of your baby.

Do you have any baby-proofing tips to share? Let us know in the comments box below.

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