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The Weekend Events All Parents Recognise

From your toddler bundling into your bed to the Strictly Come Dancing take over, welcome to Saturday and Sunday... parent-style

Your weekends before motherhood were probably a mixture of impromptu pub trips, lie-ins and long, lazy lunches. And true, you might still manage these every so often (read: if Grandma’s staying) but chances are those two days look slightly different now.

Welcome to weekends, parent-style...

The bed bundle

There’s no need for an alarm clock in your house, even on the weekend. Instead you have toddlers bounding into your room, jumping on the bed and bouncing on your leg/arm/boob (delete as appropriate).

Lie-in nostalgia? Yes. Still super cute? Oh, go on then.

The Saturday tiff

All week you and your partner have had the perfect(ish) system of pick ups, drop offs and evening catch ups.

And while you always of course want more quality time, there’s something about all being together sans schedule on the weekend that can bring the niggly side out of you over breakfast. Never mind, it’ll all be purée under the bridge by Sunday.

Operation going out

It’s a lovely crispy afternoon, perfect for taking your kids to the park for a family trip out. The crunchy leaves are calling – but first your toddler needs coaxing into his coat and to put on his shoes (by himself, of course).

Then you need snacks, and someone needs a wee… again. Perhaps you could just play in the garden?

Operation getting home

You made it out and have had a day worthy of the warm and fuzzy feeling usually reserved for John Lewis Christmas ads.

But now it’s home time and you need to convince your toddler his time on the swings is at an end. Brace yourself…

Your TV catch up

You may’ve missed Dora or Peppa’s antics during the week, but nobody can say you don’t get your fill on the weekend.

You even find yourself reading more than probably necessary into the plots – who says Thomas doesn’t have an ulterior motive?

Something cute happens

First words, adorable cuddles or a hilarious line. Never have you been more obsessed with anyone than your child and the things he comes out with on a daily basis.

*Facebook so all family and friends will definitely know*.

The camera comes out

You may manage the odd phone snap during the week, but the weekend is when your tech kit comes into its own.

Instagram, video and even that SLR you bought your partner for Christmas are all employed for catching your child’s aw-moments.

Strictly gets a new host

Whether you’re team Strictly or X Factor, Dermot and Tess generally take a back seat. The running commentary/singing/dancing with you, your partner and kids tends to take over.

You’d never admit it – but you’d totally be perfect for Gogglebox.

Sunday wine time

Your toddler’s in bed, you’re semi-sorted for tomorrow (aka you’ll do it in the morning) and you’re both a bit shattered. Hello, sofa and bottle opener.

What are the highlights of your weekend? Let us know below.

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