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12 Things You Only Know If You’re A Mum Of Multiples

Having more than one child means more love, fun and, er, chaos, but it also means dilemmas like working out where you stand on matching outfits and coping with constantly being told you've 'got your hands full'. Multiple mums will recognise these…

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You automatically multiply everything by 2 or more.

Whether it’s nursery rates, soft play entrance or fish fingers, as a mum of twins or more you spend most of your day doing sums in your head. On the plus side, your mental arithmetic has never been so good.
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You avoid certain places because your double stroller won't fit.

Manipulating a double stroller through crowded streets is hard enough, so it’s OK to not want to struggle in the local coffee shop too. Especially as once you're in, it's not like you can lounge around sipping your latte when you’ve got twins or more to manage. 
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One baby = no trouble

When you only have one of your babies - say your partner takes the other one for a few hours – it’s a walk in the park. What does everyone else make such a fuss about?
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You choose your supermarket based on whether its trolleys can hold two children.

Yep, as a mum of twins you need all the help you can get. 
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You can tell the difference between your kids (obviously), but don’t always call them the correct names.

Don’t worry – every mum of multiples has had the occasional Parent Trap nightmare. And if you have more children, you will find yourself listing all of the names before eventually getting to the right one - and the dog’s name will probably feature, too. 
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You get over-excited when you see a buy one get one free in Mothercare.

Being a mum of multiples isn’t cheap…
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You can change two nappies in the time it takes most mums to change one.

And yes, it is OK to show off about it. Make sure you’re buying the best ones by choosing the M&B Award-winning nappies
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You go out without your twins and people don't recognise you.

Without a toddler hanging off of each ankle, you’re a different woman.
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You wish you could get a pound for every time a stranger says “double trouble” or “you’ve got your hands full."

No kidding. Wanna help?
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You've mastered the skill of carrying two babies at the same time.

Who needs a pricey gym membership when you’ve discovered the ultimate arm workout of carrying two babies simultaneously.
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You’re getting fed up of other mums asking personal questions.

Asking "were they conceived naturally?" is not your play-date conversation of choice.
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You wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yep, full on is only half of it, but that unique developing relationship between your children and the joy it brings your family is unbeatable.

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