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Try to watch this WaterWipes #PureLove video without crying

As mums, we know the power we have to care for our babies. But did you know just how powerful your skin is when it comes to comforting baby? 

In this video by WaterWipes, ‘skin to skin’ expert Dr Susan Ludington explains how a mum’s body regulates and stabalises her baby’s biology when held skin to skin. 

We challenge you to watch this video without crying... 

Did you make it through to the end without crying? We didn’t - and we’ve watched it several times. 

The film follows research that suggests the number of new mums who feel confident about looking after their baby drops by nearly 10% in the first few days of bringing their baby home.

One in six new mums felt they left hospital too early after giving birth, and 47 per cent of those said this left them feeling overwhelmed and overly tired and 32 per cent felt unsupported.

The film was produced by WaterWipes as part of its #PureLove campaign, which aims to show mums they already are everything their baby needs. 


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