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Video: 17 ways to hold a baby

How to hold a baby

If you're a new parent and aren't sure how to hold your baby, don't worry - a YouTube user has created a viral video with 17 different ways to hold a baby (each with a unique name).

Not sure how to hold your baby? One young man has come to the rescue - with an "instructional video" showing you a variety of poses to hold your little one. 

So far, the video has had 1.2 million views on YouTube.

The poses include Standard Shoulder Hold, Reverse Standard Shoulder Hold, Need To Pick Something Up Chin Standard Shoulder Hold, Rugby Ball, The Telephone, and M&B's personal favourite, Show Off To The Other Dads Superman. 

Jordan does alleviate any worries at the end of the film, by stating: "No babies were harmed in the making of this video" - indeed, his little ones seems to love the attention! 

The YouTube star, who didn't expect the sudden viral success of his fun video, has two daughters, but chose little Elba to star in his video as she is so calm. 

He said: "I made the film for fun one morning as my wife went out for coffee. A couple of guys I work with have newborns so I thought it would help. A lot of fathers with newborns have commented saying it's really helpful."

Jordan's favourite pose is Hide Ya Beer Belly - great for arriving at family gatherings and using your baby to hide your tummy.  

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