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Why Baby Talk Is Brilliant For Your Tot

Worried about your babbling cutesy baby talk? Research reveals it can help your little one’s speech

While some of us mums may cringe hearing parents coo exaggeratedly at their babies, new research suggests baby talk can actually help children pick up language faster.

Parents who talked to their babies at a higher pitch and with stretched out words learnt nearly three times more words by the age of two, according to the University of Washington and University of Connecticut.

After examining 30-second conversations between 4000 parents and babies, the study revealed parents who exaggerated their vowels, using phrases like, ‘How are youuuuu?’, used a happy tone of voice and raised their pitch had babies who babbled more and showed better speech skills.

Baby talk, also known as ‘parentese’, is much better at encouraging verbal skills than regular speech because language in young children is not developed by the quantity of words your baby hears, but the way you use words when talking to him.

So if you can’t help slipping into cootchie-cooing – keep it up – that babble is helping your child. If you’re not as confident, practise at home as it’s most effective without other adults or children around. Or why not start by singing to your baby? For more tips on developing your child’s language skills check out our guide.

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