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Your Baby Skincare Guide: Three To Six Months

Bathtime’s now a breeze and your baby’s skin seems much stronger, but there are still things to keep an eye on to protect that baby softness

Keep up the good work you’ve been doing for the last few months and your baby’s skin will stay gorgeous and healthy, despite nappy rash and any other skin conditions that may crop up.

Your baby’s skin’s natural barrier will have developed now, making her a little more resilient. But, while it’s OK to start using certain products, there are still some things to watch out for.

Do a patch test

You may decide you want to start using products on your baby’s skin at this age, which is absolutely fine in moderation. Just make sure that you read the labels on each product and carry out patch tests beforehand.

‘Continue keeping product use to a minimum,’ advises midwife and neonatal skincare advisor Sharon Trotter.

‘If you do decide to use any products, test it on a small area of skin before you use it for the first time – even if the product claims to be natural or organic.’ This is an easy, controllable way to see if your baby will have an adverse reaction.

Treat teething rashes

At three months old, it is very likely that you’ll soon be seeing the appearance of your little one’s first tooth – cue increased drooling and as a consequence, rashes.

‘These will appear around the jaw area and can even creep down her neck,’ says Sharon. ‘Wash these areas carefully with water and pat dry to avoid infection growing from dampness.’

Notice skin irritations

Just like when your baby was a newborn, most lumps, bumps and rashes will sort themselves out, and the majority should have settled down by the time she reaches the three month mark.

‘A number of the same skin conditions that appeared when your baby was a newborn will continue surfacing for the next couple of months,’ Sharon says. ‘These should all heal naturally but if anything appears to be angry or persistent then see your doctor.’

Leave hair be

By this age, your baby will probably have grown a head of hair that may need some managing.

‘You don't need to wash your baby's hair with shampoo until she's a year old,' explains Sharon. 'Just use plain water or if you have started to use baby bath products, simply rinse your baby's hair in the bath water two or three times a week. You can use a baby comb to detangle any matted locks.'

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