Mother and Baby

Your Funny Baby Facial Expressions Photos

Inspired by Prince George’s collection of oh-so-cute and hilarious facial expressions, we asked you to send in your snaps of your little one’s funny faces. And you didn’t disappoint! From outraged, to unimpressed to downright indignant, we’ve rounded up some of the funniest.
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Sooooo unimpressed

Rachel Jenkins’ son is quite the eyebrow raiser.
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Little lioness

Emma Taylor perfectly captured her daughter mid-roar during a visit to the zoo.
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So over this

Amanda Zeta’s daughter’s grumpy face was the perfect accompaniment for her witch’s outfit.
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Say cheese!

Debs Tuck’s daughter is clearly a fan of cheese – but we’re not sure how much of it she actually ate.
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No more photos

Although she looks adorable, Heather McMath’s daughter doesn’t look thrilled with the idea of being photographed.
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Shock horror

At just a few months old, Naomi Johnston’s baby has already perfected his terrified face.
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Hungry boy

Snapped mid yawn, baby Harry looks like he may just swallow his mum, Pam Jane Stainton whole…
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Mini trickster

Tyler is quite the actor already. Photographed pretending to fall asleep he looks the picture of innocence.
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