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Your Photos Of Your Baby Meeting Santa

We absolutely love all of your baby-meets-Santa pics. They’ve proved that meeting Father Christmas is a different experience for every tot and is a pretty special part of the build up to your baby’s first/second/third Christmas. And it’s got us feeling really festive – so thank you! Keep ‘em coming by emailing them to
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Sleigh Ride Fun

Here’s three year old Erin Davis meeting Santa in his sleigh in Edinburgh. According to her mum, Erin made him sing Postman Pat!
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First Christmas

This is Olivia meeting Santa for the first time at seven weeks old. We hear she loved the lights in the grotto and his big beard.
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Family Visit

A pic of Emma’s kids visiting Santa. Her eldest, who’s three, loved it but her 17 month old wasn’t so sure. However she did manage to tell Santa that she wanted ‘kitty’ (a Hello Kitty toy, appaz) and happily waved goodbye.
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Painting The Town Red

Two and a half year old Jacob was festively dressed in red when he met Father Christmas.
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Santa And His Helpers

Little Jack was lucky enough to meet Santa in Lapland. Jealous? We are.
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Baby Elf

How cute does this baby looked dressed as an elf? Perfect outfit for his first meeting with Santa.
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All I Want For Christmas Is...

Meeting Santa was a great success for this 10 month old who loved both Santa and his list (probably eyeing up all the presents he wants).
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Christmas Cuddles

Ethan Dittrich, one year old and from Bishops Stortford, met Santa in Harlow, Essex. What a cool little dude.
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Present Time

Here’s Beckie’s daughter, who’s 23 months old, meeting Santa for the first time. She looks a tad overwhelmed, but hopefully that big present put a smile on her face.
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All Together Now

Six month old Noah was treated to a trip to Harrods to see Santa. And his parents got in on the action, too. Family Crimbo card, by any chance?
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Mummy And Me

Take a look a six-month-old adorable Erin visiting Santa. We’re not quite sure what the key is all about…
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Scary Santa

Tammy’s son Tyler, nine months, was not that impressed by his visit with Santa. There’s always next year, eh?
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Present, Please!

Two and a half year old George loved meeting Santa at Trentham Gardens with his mum Kerri-Ann. How cute are his dungarees!
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Winter Wonderland

Deputy Editor Lara and family meet Santa in his log cabin at his magical themed Winter Wonderland at Legoland! Book a visit to see Santa until 24 December at Prices from £20.

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