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Taxi drives off with seven-month-old asleep in the back... and picks up two other fares!

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A mum has told of her nightmare when a taxi driver drove off with her little girl asleep in the back. Elisabeth Katompa chased after the Uber driver but he didn’t see her or hear her screams.

Elizabeth had got out of the car when the taxi dropped her off at home, but before she could get around to the door next to her seven-month-old baby Olivia-Hope was strapped in, it drove away.

It was an hour before the cabbie realised his mistake. It was only when the second fare he picked up since leaving Elisabeth behind questioned the presence of a sleeping child in the back that he realised what had happened.


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Elizabeth told the Evening Standard: "I was screaming and shouting and what-not. I called the police because that was the only thing I could think of.

“I wasn’t thinking straight. I didn’t know if he was aware that she was still there, I didn’t know if he did it on purpose… I didn’t know what to think.”

The frantic mum didn’t realise that you can use the Uber app to contact the driver. While her receipt from the cab firm contained the driver’s first name, it didn’t have his number plate, and police couldn’t immediately locate him.

When the driver discovered he was carrying Olivia-Hope, he took her to a police station.

Elisabeth said: “I’m still shaken up. Even when we got home, I didn’t want to let go of her.”

Scotland Yard said it was called at 11pm, adding: “Officers responded and made urgent enquiries to trace the vehicle. Just after 12.10am, the driver attended a central London police station to report a baby in his car. The baby was reunited with her mother.”

Uber said: “We normally hear about drivers finding mobile phones or keys in the back seat of their car but never a sleeping baby.

"As soon as the driver and a following passenger realised what had happened they drove to the local police station to safely reunite mum and baby.”

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