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From Fussy To Foodie: Find All Your Must-Know Weaning Tips In One Place

From Fussy To Foodie: Find All Your Must-Know Weaning Tips In One Place

If your baby is busy redecorating the place with pea purée or it takes the negotiation skills of the UN to get him to even look at broccoli, you need our new on-the-go ebook

Remember when your kitchen was a place of order. Whether it was spag Bol or steak tartare, everything came with a side of civilised. Well, wave THAT goodbye.

Your baby is weaning, and that is one messy business. Some tots are more discerning then broadsheet critics when it comes to what goes in their mouths, while others think food is better than Lego for entertainment. It can be hard to know when to start, what to start with and how not to spend your days following your tot round with a mop and bucket.

That’s why we put together an ebook version of our indispensable happy weaning plan. Mother&Baby’s How To Wean Your Baby is an easy-to-use digital guide, featuring expert advice and insider information on successfully weaning your baby. It includes choosing the right time to start on solids, making weaning fun and fuss-free, getting the perfect nutritional balance, our top 25 finger foods and must-eat superfoods, dealing with fussy eaters and much more, all at your fingertips.

Available for iPad and iPhone, you can download your Mother&Baby How To Wean Your Baby ebook here, priced £1.49


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