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5 genius tips for successful weaning with HiPP Organic!

Weaning can feel like a rollercoaster of highs and lows, but it’s time to relish the ride! You can give your tot that HiPP feeling, too, with a brand you can trust. HiPP Organic is one of the UK’s most loved baby-food brands and has been helping parents wean their babies for four generations.

HiPP organic believes babies deserve food that tastes great, to make them feel HiPP inside and out. It’s why HiPP Organic is passionate about working with nature, not against it. Using sustainable farming methods, and baby friendly ingredients suited to tiny tummies, parents can trust that their little one is getting the food they deserve. That’s just the HiPP way.

HiPP Organic is proud to be a family business, so it knows all about putting family first. It’s been bringing the best organic baby food to families for over 60 years, giving parents confidence on their weaning journey, and helping them feel HiPP throughout by enabling them to embrace and enjoy every moment they share with their baby. It never adds artificial preservatives, sweeteners or colours to its products, so parents can rest assured that their baby is getting quality food, produced in a sustainable way, feeding the babies of today while protecting their world for tomorrow.

Blogger and writer PoppyD shares her tips for making the most out of weaning...

1) Feed on the go! 

One of the things I feared most about weaning was being chained to the kitchen. I can't stress enough how much more freedom I've got since making sure I always have a HiPP Organic jar in my changing bag. No more rushing home when we're enjoying a morning out or dashing back from friends' houses, I can give my boys lunch on the move with zero fuss.

2) Let things get messy

I wasn't convinced weaning could be fun, but if you let your baby get stuck in then mealtimes can be truly hilarious. Long sleeve bibs or opting to feed just in nappies (when at home!) def makes things easier!

3) Let someone else do the hard work

I love cooking for my boys from scratch but I am more than happy to reach for the jars and pouches when it makes life easier. I know HiPP Organic choose the same organic and sustainable ingredients that I would, so I'm happy to let them do the legwork when it suits me best. I often get messages from parents who tell me they feel guilty for not making homemade meals all the time and it's crazy - we have enough to worry about as parents as it is! As long as you trust what you're buying, there's absolutely nothing to feel guilty about. 

4) Remember babies have a lot going on

I have to remind myself sometimes that despite having their every whim catered for, it's not always easy being a baby. With teething, learning to crawl, illnesses and all the general excitement of "the big wide world", there's endless reasons why a baby can be having an off day and not want to play ball at mealtime. If we ever have a tricky meal I put my favourite music on in the kitchen, tell myself it will be better tomorrow and chalk it up as "one of those things".

5) All babies get there eventually

Ever met a school-age kid who only drinks milk? Exactly. You'll get there, no matter how scenic the journey is! I promise.

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