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How to start weaning your baby

Weaning is a big adventure and can be a daunting prospect too. If you follow these simple tips it will help make it a healthy, fun and exciting experience for you and your little one.

Ella’s Kitchen’s nutritionist Claire Baseley gives her top tips on how to start weaning your baby...

How to start weaning your baby

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1) Veg it!

Little ones naturally have a sweet tooth but starting weaning with veg, like broccoli, cauliflower and carrot, helps them learn to love veg from the very start.
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2) Switch it!

The wider the range of tastes you give your little one throughout weaning, the more likely they are to want to try new things when they’re older.  Try to give your little one a rainbow of veg + fruit each week.
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3) Repeat it!

Not everyone likes a food at the first try and the same is true of little ones.  They might pull a face or spit out a food the first time they taste it but don’t give up after a couple of tries.  It can take up to eight separate occasions before babies will accept a new food.  So keep trying and give lots of praise and smiles when they try something new.
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4) Model behaviour

If your little one sees you eating and enjoying a food, they’re more likely to want to copy and give it a go themselves.  So if possible, try to eat at the same time as your little one, at least some of the time, and show them how much you enjoy your veggies for example.
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5) Good in every sense

Little ones who interact with foods using all their senses, are more likely to show an interest in trying new foods.  Studies have shown that exploring the textures, colours, shapes and smells of foods can help encourage little ones to eat them at meal times.  Let your baby explore raw and cooked veg with their hands to help familiarise them with new foods. 

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