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The best baby weaning products for less mess at mealtimes

Cute baby weaning

It only feels like yesterday your little one was having her first newborn feed, and now she is ready to start on solids. It’s an exciting time - and a major milestone in your little one’s life – although you’ll definitely be going through more bibs than usual over the next few months. However you're choosing to wean your baby, make the process as smooth (and as mess-free) as possible with these brilliant weaning buys:

Bamboo Bamboo Suction Bowl and Spoon Set, £19.99, Amazon

£19.99 Buy Now

Bamboo Bamboo Suction Bowl and Spoon Set

Say goodbye to your tot’s dinner hitting the floor with this clever little bowl. Unlike others on the market, the suction doesn’t weaken over time. The all natural bamboo bowls come in a number of bright colours, and are lovely and easy to clean.


Babycup First Cups, £6.99, Amazon

£6.99 Buy Now

Teeny cups designed to be the right size for their little hands and mouths to minimise spillage. The brightly-coloured cups also encourage little ones to sip their drink and move away from the sucking motion. They can also be filled with snacks, which allows you to control portion size - win-win! 


Oxo Tot Roll Up Bib, £12.00, Amazon

£14.00 Buy Now

Oxo tot roll up bib

A cute little bib that comes in a number of cute colours, any dropped food is caught in the bib’s ‘crumb catcher’. The fabric part of the bib neatly rolls down and secures closed – useful on days out for containing mess and cutlery until you get home.

Tum Tum Mega Size Children’s Placemat, £5.00, Amazon

£5.00 Buy Now
Tum Tum mat

This mat gives excellent coverage, as it's a good size and comes in a number of cute animal prints. That said, it’s definitely better for older children as it's easy to pull off the table, taking the food and bowl with it!

Nuk Magic Cup, £9.50, Amazon

£9.50 Buy Now

NUK Magic Cup

This clever cup helps your baby progress from teat to sippy cup effectively. It’s bright enough to get your tot’s attention, it really is spill free and it’s super easy to clean.

Munchkin Fresh Soft Food Baby Feeder, £4.78, Amazon

£3.70 Buy Now

Munchkin fresh food

This simple little device holds food in a mesh bag, which your baby then sucks on. It’s great for mums who are baby-led weaning, but worry about their baby choking on finger food in the early days. That said, it can be a bit difficult to clean.

NUK Snack Pot, £11.78, Amazon

£8.96 Buy Now

NUK snack pot

This is ideal for snacks and feeding small chunks – little ones can get their hands through the lid to grab food easily and the rest doesn’t spill out, even when tipped upside down.

Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoons, £3.25 for six, Amazon

£2.50 Buy Now

Munchkin soft tip

This spoon is designed to be soft on baby gums and easy for your little one to hold, plus it’s just the right length to reach the bottom of a food jar, whilst being bright enough to keep your baby’s attention.

Annabel Karmel by NUK Food Cube Tray, £5.99, Amazon

£5.99 Buy Now

AK snack food tray

Portion, store, freeze and heat small quantities of baby food with this clever tray. It comes complete with a clip-on lid to avoid any mess in the freezer.

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender, £106.99, Amazon

£103.69 Buy Now

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender

This clever product is fuss-free, easy to use and does its job quickly and effectively. Being able to choose the consistency of the puree to match your child’s weaning stage really is a godsend, and takes the worry out of weaning.

Fill n’ Squeeze Baby Food Pouch Filler Starter Pack, £20.00, Amazon

£15.99 Buy Now

Fill n' squeeze

Save money weaning by making your own baby food and purees, then use this device to fill up pouches so you can easily freeze food or carry it around with you.

Munchkin Snack Catcher, £3.99, Amazon

£4.25 Buy Now

Munchkin snack pot

Great for food on the go, these clever little pots prevent spilling and mess, with soft flaps for easy access and cleaning messy fingers (before they get wiped on the car seat). Another great weaning product from Munchkin.

Oxo Tot Feeding Plate, £8.17, Amazon

£8.17 Buy Now

Oxo tot feeding plate

Great for fussy tots who hate their food touching, this clever little dish has two separate sections, each with 120ml capacity. Contoured to fit comfortably in the hand, it’s non-slip base also comes in handy.

ClevaMama ClevaFeed, £6.49, Amazon

£5.99 Buy Now

ClevaMama ClevaFeed

Another device that allows your baby to start feeding on fresh solid foods, without the worry of choking, the hygienic silicone teat allows your baby to chew and gnaw on food safely.

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