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The best baby weaning products for less mess at mealtimes

It only feels like yesterday your little one was having her first newborn feed, and now she is ready to start on solids. It’s an exciting time - and a major milestone in your little one’s life – although you’ll definitely be going through more bibs than usual over the next few months. However you're choosing to start weaning your baby, make the process as smooth (and as mess-free) as possible with these brilliant weaning buys:

What is a baby weaning product?

A baby weaning product is every product that helps you when weaning your baby. There are many products to help you to prepare the food, serving the food and storing the food. So you need to think about what will make you more comfortable in these 3 steps.

How to use a baby weaning product?

You will use each baby weaning product following its best practice making sure you are taking the most of each investment. You need to invest in products that will make your life easier so you will naturally use them every day.

Do you need a baby weaning product?

Its recommend using adequate products when weaning your baby, not only for the comfort but also for security. The best baby weaning products are designed and developed to give all the support you and your baby need putting healthy in the first place.

How do you choose a baby weaning product?

As baby weaning products are designed to make your life easier, it’s recommended you look for something that is made with a good material, is easy to clean and doesn't have any edges that might hurt your baby.

Types of baby weaning products

One of the types of baby weaning products is high chairs, we have an article just about this topic, check it: the best high chair and how to pick the right one for you. See other ones below:

  • Weaning spoons
  • Weaning Bowls
  • First cup
  • Blender or other baby food making electronics
  • Freezer portion trays
  • Lidded storage pots
  • Freezer bags
  • Splash Mat

The technology of baby weaning products

When looking for the best baby weaning products you need to get the top technology that can be resume in gently curving sides and textured easy-to-grip spoons, bowls, and cups. Feeding products should be BPA Free.

Extra features of baby weaning products

Some weaning products can even change colour depending on the food temperature.

Prices of baby weaning products

The range of prices is large, as you can find products from 1 pound to 150 pounds, depending on the type, the cheap ones are weaning spoons and bowls and the most expensive are the different types of baby food making electronics.

Important points about baby weaning products safety

  • Look for products that are microwave, freezer and dishwasher resistant

  • Don't give any product that is broken for your baby to eat with

  • Read all the instructions to use the product, this way you can make it last longer

The Best Baby Weaning Products for your baby feeding time


Tommee Tippee Baby Food Steamer Blender

£61.99 - RRP: £106.99

Please read as well the full review of this gold award winner


  • It’s fuss-free

  • It's easy to use

  • It does its job quickly and effectively.

  • You can choose the consistency of the puree


Bamboo Bamboo Suction Bowl and Spoon Set

£12.74 - RRP: £14.99

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  • It has the good suction that doesn't weaken over time.


MAM Trainer Cup


Please read as well the full review of this bronzer award winner


  • Its eye-catching design, grippy handles, and non-spill teat

  • It helps you to measure your baby’s fluid intake


Oxo Tot Feeding Plate

£5.44 - RRP: £6.64


  • It has two separate sections, each with 120ml capacity
  • It fits comfortably in the hand
  • It has a non-slip base

ClevaMama ClevaFeed



  • Perfect to introduce your baby to fresh solid foods

  • Reduce the risk of choking

  • Hygienic silicone teat that is easy to clean



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