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Mother and Baby

Your Step-By-Step Weaning Guide

The time has come to introduce your baby to the world of weaning – which can be a daunting prospect. But with our step-by-step weaning guide you’ll soon know exactly how to go about it and your tot will be happily munching away in no time.

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Getting started

Every baby is different so your little one may take to weaning in a completely different way to your friend’s tot. One thing’s for sure – it will be a messy experience. So, before you start, take a look at our top tips for successful weaning.
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Try different approaches

First of all, think about the weaning method you want to use. Do you want to puree all the way? Or if your baby’s already reaching for apple slices himself, then baby-led weaning may be the way to go. But if you’re not sure, try a bit of both and take what you like best from both of the other approaches.
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Prep your kitchen

As well as ingredients other than milk, weaning requires a few feeding tools and accessories. You’ll need to stock up on bibs, a blender (hand-held is fine), a high chair and some oh-so-cute baby cutlery. But any excuse for a shopping trip, eh?
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Know what to avoid

There are a few foods that you should avoid until your baby’s over a year old, to help him develop a taste for savory flavours as well as sweet. These include salt, honey, sugary foods and the soft cheeses that you would avoid during pregnancy. While some of them are delicious, it’s best to keep them off your baby’s plate for the time being.
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Bond with your blender

If you’re not a natural in the kitchen, you don’t need to worry about rustling up Michelin-star meals just yet. But you do need to become a pureeing and mashing pro. Get savvy on all things mashed and blended so you can make the most amazing blend ever.
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Help your baby love vegetables

Just like many of us, your tot may need a bit of persuading to eat vegetables. And there are some great tricks, you can try to help them disappear from his plate such as blending vegetables with sweet food like banana.
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Encourage your baby to eat meat

Bursting with iron, protein and vitamins, meat is a brilliant food to introduce to your weaning baby. And we’re not talking a rare steak coated in peppercorn sauce – try offering meat to your tot in baby-friendly ways such as mashed, pureed or torn up into bite-sized pieces.
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Learn how to raise your baby as a vegetarian

It’s more than possible to bring your baby up as a veggie. And as long as you carefully manage his diet, there’s no reason why he won’t get all of the goodness he needs elsewhere.
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If you’re worried your baby has a food allergy…

If you think your tot may have an allergy to some of the foods he’s been trying because he comes out in a rash or has a runny tummy afterwards, it can be stressful. Allergies in babies are relatively common but the good news is that they tend to grow out of them eventually. Learn more about food allergies here food allergies here.
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Why your baby’s refusing to eat

If you’re mealtimes are turning into a minefield, don’t take it personally. There could be a number of reasons why your baby doesn’t want to eat and the good news is that there’s often a solution.

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