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Do You Feel Judged When Your Baby Cries In Public?

Nearly two thirds of new mums admit to feeling under scrutiny when their baby starts crying around strangers

You’re out in town. Pushing your baby through the middle of a shopping centre. All is well – until she grizzles a little. Then suddenly… meltdown.

While you know you shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed if your baby cries in public, it’s easier said than done – especially when 64 per cent of mums say they’ve had people react negatively to their baby crying.

The survey commissioned by Colief Infant Drops revealed that 41 per cent of new mums have experienced stares from strangers, 36 per cent received disapproving sounds including ‘tutting’ and 19 per cent have heard negative comments.

41 per cent of new mums have experienced stares from strangers

Taking things a step further, one in 20 women have actually had a stranger confront them about their baby’s tears. We. Know.

Despite this, the majority say they haven’t been offered support in that position, whether it’s a kind word, smile or help.

The worst offenders mums think judge them mid-baby wail? The elderly had 29 per cent of the vote, while middle-aged strangers had 23 per cent.

Have you had negative reactions to your baby crying in public? Let us know on the comments board below.

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