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Win a Bluebell Smart Baby Monitor worth £299

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Bluebell tracks you and your baby 24/7. It monitors baby’s breathing, temperature, crying, sleep and if they’ve rolled on their tummy, and gives you real-time alerts on these.

It helps create a calm sleeping environment through lullabies, white noise, a soothing nightlight and room temperature monitoring. Plus, it lets you listen in and talk to baby, to stay connected, wherever you are.

You can use it to track nappy changes, feeds and more on the Mobile app, and get reminders on your schedule to help you crack that all-important routine.

The app also gives you extra information on you and your little one, lets you track your baby’s magical milestones and even share care with grandparents, babysitters, etc. It’s the only monitor that looks after both baby and parent, with sleep, step and mood tracking for you, so you can rock parenting, every day.

This is your chance to win your very own Bluebell Smart monitoring system (RRP £299)! 

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