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Baby’s First Shoes – The Modern Way To Measure Your Little One’s Feet

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Shopping for your little ones shoes just got easier with an innovative iPad app in Clarks’ stores.

As much as we love shoe shopping, our little ones aren’t so keen.  Even just getting a baby to sit still long enoughto get his feet measured can be a nightmare. To make the whole experience way more engaging for your tot, Clarks are bringing an innovative iPad Foot Gauge into stores throughout 2014.

This tech-savvy approach makes for a super accurate sizing

With a footplate to measure length and a special digi-tape to measure width built into the app, it sizes up tiny feet in a flash. This tech-savvy approach makes for a super accurate sizing, so you wont find the shoes are the wrong size once you’ve already left the store (and after your toddler decides to splash in a muddy puddle).  Plus there are plenty of animated characters to make the app extra fun.

What’s the biggest stress when you shop with your little one? Let us know in the comment box below.


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