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Disney Frozen’s Elsa Dress Sells For Crazy Prices On Ebay

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Disney stores in the US have sold out of the Disney Princess Elsa dress and now versions of it are appearing on eBay for thousands

It’s the biggest-selling animated movie of all time and an Oscar-winning film. Now the popularity of Disney’s Frozen has seen merchandise sell out, too, in particular the sparkly blue dressing-up dress of main character, Elsa.

Now, the dress has been spotted on eBay with a minimum price of $1,199 (around £715). It normally sells on the Disney site for $149.

It’s thought people have taken to buying the dresses in bulk as soon as a new batch arrives at stores and re-listing them for anywhere between $600 and $1,300 for rarer sizes. For that reason, the Disney store has put a limit of two dresses per purchase on the dress.

Parents have admitted on parenting forums that they’ll do anything to buy the dress to keep their child happy, although many have pointed out that you could spend $1000 on getting a professional dressmaker to make the dress from scratch.

And the trend has spread to the Disney Store’s UK website, where attempts to buy their version of the Elsa dress – admittedly at a much cheaper £40 – are impossible as it’s also sold out. Versions are selling on eBay UK for £30 to £100.

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