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From jungle prints to coral, the upcoming kidswear trends for 2019

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There is nothing cuter than seeing your little one rocking the latest kidswear trends, even if their wardrobe gets more love than ours...

It's not just outlandish fancy dress nowadays (Elsa, who?) but children's fashion is evolving and becoming a big deal. We enlisted the help from Amy Walker, Design Manager at the Gro Company, to talk through all the trends and prints that will be big news in 2019/10.

Here are the four kidswear trends to watch out for... 


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1) Coral

"With Living Coral being Pantone Colour of the Year, we are seeing this everywhere, in home, fashion and nursery. You will see splashes of it in our 2019 Grobags & Grosnugs, as we have weaved it through our collection."

M&B loves: Smafolk T-shirt with Fruits, £21.99, ​Rosie and Cooey
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2) Jungle prints

"Last year I adored the array of jungle prints. Large leaves and bleached, tropical colours. I expect we’ll see them around this year too – they just ooze summer and make super fun prints for kids."

M&B loves: Palm Leaf Polo, £14, Mamas & Papas
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3) Space

"We also celebrate the 50th anniversary of Apollo landing in 2019, which throws Space into the print mix on the high street. This is where we drew inspiration for our Starry night theme pieces, no aliens included unfortunately."

M&B loves: Alien Pom Pom Sweatshirt, £5, ASDA
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4) Ocean

"Our fascination with the ocean won’t go away and we will certainly see ocean trends grow into 2020, as environmental trends translate through fashion."

M&B loves: Board Shorts, now £17, Frugi 

How does trend forecasting work in the world of baby products? 

Globetrotting is key to finding inspiration from different cultures. Amy explains, 'I am very lucky to be in a position where I get to travel, so we attend trade shows when possible and we also use Global Trend Forecasting agencies to help us narrow down the trends fit for our collection"

"One of my great loves is interiors. People are increasingly spending more time at home creating their sanctuaries, a hideaway from their busy lives. All of our products are for the home and the nursery, so exploring this trend and movement is a really important part of my work. Our customer wants the softest, safest product for their baby and that’s what we strive to give them."

Meet the expert: Amy Walker, Design Manager at The Gro Company, is passionate about design trends and would love to share insight on how she plays a key role in the development of Gro’s award-winning baby products. With over 10 years’ experience, Amy has previously worked with influential brands such as Reebok and Weird Fish, and is helping to move the leading baby brand’s vision forward.

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