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The Best Backpacks For Younger Children

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Toddler backpack

Whether your little one is off to nursery this September, or getting more and more jealous about their older siblings’ back-to-school supplies, a backpack is an essential item whatever school year you’re in. We’ve taken a look at our favourite backpacks for younger children, and rounded up our favourites here.

Lassig Kids Backpack, £21.95, Amazon

Lassig Kids Backpack

With wide and adjustable carrying straps, a chest strap and a bottle holder, this is the perfect little backpack for all your tot’s possessions. Coming in four eye-catching designs, this will definitely stand the test of time. We also love the handy name badge to avoid confusion.

Kipling Kids Backpack, £44.00, Amazon 

Kipling Kids Backpack

It might be a little too expensive for a school backpack, but we’re sure your little one will love this for years, and that this cute bag will stand the test of time. Made by Kipling, the bag has one main compartment with an interior zipped pocket, and a smaller pocket on the outside. Strong and sturdy, with the iconic gorilla keyring attached, this will definitely stand out in the pile of book bags.

Disney Children’s Backpack, £29.00, Amazon 

Disney Cars backpack

With a two-year warranty, this Cars backpack is bound to last the hustle and bustle of the playground. From the comfortable straps to the reflective details, we love everything about this cute bag for your mini Cars fanatic!

Mi-Pac Classic Mini Rucksack, £17.99, Amazon 

Mi-Pac Classic Mini Rucksack

A cute choice for your mini-me, this grown-up looking backpack is perfect for those trying to be more like mummy! Fully lined, water resistant and with a headphone port for when they’re old enough to use them, this is one back-to-school purchase that will be used in years to come.

Shark Face Rucksack, £8.00, Asda 

Shark Face Rucksack

It doesn’t get cuter than this Shark Face Rucksack from George at Asda. Snap up (see what we did there) a bargain with this £8 bag, complete with 3D teeth, fins and adjustable straps. It also comes with a cute matching hat, for those unexpectedly warm September days.

Disney Girls’ Frozen Mini Backpack, £7.11, Amazon 

Disney Girls' Frozen Mini Backpack

Of course, this one isn’t just for girls, but Frozen fans are bound to fall in love with this little backpack. With adjustable back straps and a locker loop for hanging the bag up on the cloakroom peg, this glittery backpack is a firm favourite with us. Now, what was the Frozen song again?...

Novelty Fox Rucksack, £8.00, Asda 

Novelty Fox Rucksack

Because foxes are set to be HUGE this Autumn, your tot will be right on trend with this cute backpack from George at Asda. With a drawstring top, adjustable shoulder straps and a cute embroidered fox face detail, complete with 3D ears, this is bound to go down well with your little fashionista.

LittleLife Toddler Daysack, £22.00, JoJoMamanBebe 

LittleLife Toddler Daysack

We fell in love with this range of cute 3D bags the minute we saw them – from butterflies to bunnies, there really is a toddler sized day sacks for every occasion! Ideal for keeping all those snacks and toys nearby, the detachable parental rein and waist strap are also really clever features.

Skip Hop Zoo Mini Unicorn Backpack, £18.00, JoJoMamanBebe 

Skip Hop Zoo Mini Unicorn

With the clever addition of reins, this mini unicorn backpack is an essential for your little explorer. The unicorn face, complete with a 3D horn is bound to go down well with your toddler and make this a bag they won’t want to take off.

Little Bird by Jools Rainbow Satchel, £16.00, Mothercare 

Little Bird by Jools

This adorable little satchel is bound to cause a stir in the playground! We love the rainbow strap and the vintage feel to this bag, designed by Jools Oliver for Mothercare.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Bee, £20.75, Mothercare 

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Bee

One that is bound to put a smile on your face, whatever the season, this cute, smiley bee bag definitely has the ‘aww’ factor! We love the 3D elements, and how eye catching this will be for your tot to find.

Mi-Pack Metallic Mini Rucksack, £29.99, Amazon 

Mi-Pack Metallic Mini

This cool metallic backpack is definitely one you’ll be wanting to borrow/ won’t mind being seen with on the school run! This eye-catching bag will not only be easy to spot in the playground, it will be a hit for years to come. 

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Now you've got the backpack, lets think lunch with these fun ideas...

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Sandwich sushi 

Liven up your toddler’s sandwiches by cutting them into fun shapes, making pinwheels (by spreading the bread and then rolling it up and cutting into slices), or mixing and matching different coloured breads to make a chessboard-style sandwich. Try to include some form of protein – ham, chicken, cheese, tuna – as it will help your child feel fuller.
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Mini energy balls 

Who said energy balls had to be just be for those Instagram health bloggers? Packed with goodness, these mini energy balls by Annabel Karmel are perfect for little tummies. Taking just 20 minutes to prepare, however big the batch might seem at the time, they won’t be around for long. 
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Cheese chunks 

Slice up pieces of cheese (you can wrap them in foil to make them fun for your toddler to unwrap) or put a pre-wrapped cheese in, like Babybel or Cheestring. 
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A small bunch of seedless grapes is perfect for lunchboxes because they’re small and easy for your toddler to eat – no peeling necessary. They’re also high in fibre, so great for preventing constipation. For younger children, be sure to cut up the grapes into halves or quarters to prevent choking. 
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Packed with oats, flapjacks are a great energy boost to add to your little one’s lunchbox. Why not try making your own (and save money on the shop bought variety)? These superseed flapjacks are quick and easy to make (and even quicker to disappear!) 
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Mini muffins 

A great option for little tummies, get creative with sweet or savory mini muffins for your tot.  They’re bound to love these ruby red mini muffins by the team at Ella’s Kitchen, made from beetroot and feta, or try spinach and cheese for a more classic muffin. 
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Fruit kebabs

Your little one will love sliding the chunks of fruit from the mini kebab. If you’re making this for your toddler, try threading strawberries, kiwi and grapes on a plastic straw (which is safer than a wooden kebab stick). 
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Cranberry and Hazelnut oat cookies 

Another healthy alternative to sugary snacks, why not add some homemade cookies to your tot’s lunchbox? These cranberry and hazenut oat cookies are super easy to make (depending on the nursery school rules, you might want to bake without the hazelnuts). What’s more, why not get your little one in the kitchen with you and bake these at the weekend? 
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Vegetable batons

Slice up carrots, cucumber, pepper and celery for your toddler to nibble on. You could also include a mini pot of houmous or cream cheese for him to dip them in.
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Mini cheese and potato frittatas 

Leftovers can work well in your toddler’s lunchbox now and again, especially if it can be served cold. Go for foods such as quiche or frittata as they can be cut into slices and wrapped in a cling film or foil. This mini cheese and potato frittata recipe is a great option to try for lunch and dinner. 
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Mini rice cakes 

Much healthier than crisps, add a pack of mini rice cakes to your little one’s lunchbox. If they find them a little dull, why not try introducing a flavoured variety. 
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Overnight Oats

Another one that’s super easy to prepare the evening before, whilst also being nutritious in a packed lunch box. Simply soak oats in yoghurt or milk in a small pot, include some fresh fruit or berries and leave in the fridge overnight. Just don’t forget to pack your little one a spoon! 
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Pesto rice salad 

If your toddler loves cheese as much as you do, why not try a cold pesto rice salad. A good leftover option to make a change from sandwiches, either make your own pesto or add a shop bought variety. 
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Sandwich shapes 

A quick and easy way to make sandwiches more fun, use a cookie cutter to create cute shapes. Whether it’s a dog or a butterfly, keep your little one guessing and make lunchtime a surprise!
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Sweetcorn fritters 

Another leftover favourite, your little one is bound to love these bite sized sweetcorn fritters. Suitable from six months, they are also a good option if you’re looking for different baby-led weaning ideas. 
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Tortilla wrap 

Makes a change from sandwiches everyday, you can spread the tortilla with houmous and include chopped salad, ham and cheese. Wrap in foil so it stays together in your toddler’s lunchbox.