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The Best Toddler and Kids Wellies

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Toddler wellies

Whether you’re brave enough to take your tot to a festival, or are just getting ready for those English showers, as Peppa Pig would say, a good pair of wellies are a must when it comes to jumping in muddy puddles. Tested by little feet, take a look at our favourite wellies for toddlers here, but be warned – you’ll soon be getting boot envy!

Classic Striped Wellies, £17.00, 

Classic Striped WelliesThese adorable striped wellies will certainly make your little one easier to spot in the playground (which is always a plus!), whilst putting a smile on your face at the same time.

Kid’s Striped Wellie Boots, from £10.00, 

Kid's Striped Wellies

Super cute and with handy hoops to make pulling them on so much easier, these striped wellies might not stay so clean for long.

Joules Baby Boy’s Welly Standing Shoes, from £17.96, Amazon 

Joules Baby Boy Wellies

Everything a big boy welly offers, but smaller for little feet! We’re sure your mini dinosaur lover won’t mind putting these on for your next trip to the park.

Kavat Kids Wellies, £30.00, 

Kavat Kids Wellies

Classics that will never go out of fashion, these cosy wellies have a removable lining and a reflective stripe down the back for those wintery walks. The best part? You can also stick them in the washing machine!

Green Rubber Handle Wellies, from £12.00, 

Green Rubber Handle Wellies

Trust us, if they made these in adult size we’d all be wearing them! Dress your little monster up for the rain in these adorable wellies. Not only do they look great, your little one will love wearing them too.

Children’s Wellies, £16.00, 

Children's Wellies

Another classic boot that will definitely stand the test of time, these wellies come in a whole host of colours (because we know you spend more time co-ordinating their outfits than you do your own!). Made from soft rubber and with an anti-sweat lining, you can rest assured your little one is splashing in comfort. It’s also worth checking out JoJo’s cute wellie socks!

Baby Mud Buster, £24.99, 

Baby mud buster

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty welly that will keep your tot’s feet dry, no matter what, we’ve got the perfect boot for you! With a fleece lining, a lightweight sole and an elasticated top to stop water getting inside the boot, nothing gets past the mud busters!

Little Bird Wellies, £14.00, 

Little Bird Wellies

Designed by Jools Oliver for Mothercare, these cute wellies have a seventies vibe we can’t get enough of right now. Waterproof and durable, these timeless wellies will be passed on through the family, just like they used to!

Puddlestomper Wellies, £20.00, 


Because who said durable footwear had to be boring? Outdoors brand Muddy Puddles have brought us another collection of fun, bright designs that will keep your little one’s feet dry, whilst looking amazing. With super soft, gripy soles to keep them comfy and prevent falls, we love these little boots.

Hunter Junior Wellies, from £28.00, Amazon 

Hunter Junior Wellies

These fancy looking wellies might not be the cheapest on the list, but if there’s a brand you can trust, it’s Hunter. You’ve probably owned a pair, or wished you did, but if it’s good enough for celebrities at Glastonbury, it’s good enough for your little star!

Monstor Wellies, from £12.00, 

Monstor Wellies

With three eyes, sharp teeth and pointy ears, if you’ve got a little monster who doesn’t want to wear their wellies, we’ve got the solution. Affordable and adorable, these wellies won’t cost you the earth, but will last the whole winter.

Crocs Handle It Wellington Boots, from £15.00, Amazon 

Crocs Handle It

Crocs – whether you love them or loathe them, you’ve got to admit they’re great for kids. Available in a host of different colours, if your tot lives in their crocs all summer, they’ve now got a winter pair! Lightweight, comfortable and breathable, these hard-wearing boots are perfect for every little croc lover! 

Multi Toy Story Wellies, £15-16,

Next Toy Story welliesHow adorable are this little Toy Story wellies by Next? Whether your tot is a Buzz or Woody fan, they'll get both with these!

Hunter Junior Wellies Space Camo, £49, Hunter 

Space Camo How cute are these space-age boots from Hunter? The best part? They do them in a range of sizes to fit the whole family!