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The Prince George Effect Strikes AGAIN – Are You In On It?

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Everything he’s photographed with sells out straight away. Meet Prince George – the biggest style influence in babyland…

A kangaroo backpack. Boat dungarees. A swaddle blanket. It’s fair to say that pretty much anything Prince George touches/wears/plays with flies off the shelves quick smart.

And the latest sell out? The red striped overalls he wore at a polo match in Gloucestershire on Sunday.

If you check out the website of Spanish label Neck & Neck, you’ll see zero available in any size – although we imagine they’ll be rushing to replenish the stock.

Overalls, £39.99, Neck & Neck

George definitely takes after his mum when it comes to his sartorial influence. Any time Kate wears an outfit, there’s a shopping rush.

A Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress she wore in Australia reportedly sold out in just eight minutes (yes, really!) while a Dalmatian print Hobbs coat in her maternity wardrobe disappeared within hours of her being papped in it.

Imagine that kind of fashion influence before you’ve even turned a year old, though. Move over North West – there could be another future Vogue star in the making…

Have you bought something with the royal seal of approval? Let us know on the comments board below.

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