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13 Childhood Activities And Games You Forgot Were So Much Fun

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Do you find yourself asking your little one whether they’d like to get the paintbrushes out or play one more game of hide and seek – because you want to? There are some childhood games and activities that never get old… and entertaining your child is a great excuse to reclaim the fun.
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Colouring in

Whether it’s because you find yourself rarely picking up a pen these days, or because you find colouring in weirdly therapeutic, you and your little one have got through a lot of colouring books…
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You often find yourself asking why you ever stopped skipping. Your little one may have trouble swinging the rope, but you’re quite the pro these days – and it’s great for the bingo wings.
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Mostly because you can justify eating three cupcakes in a row because you’re making them for your child…
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You never picked up a paintbrush after school and your creative outbursts have become less and less frequent over the years – until you had a child and the motive to get the paints out have thankfully returned.
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You find yourself looking forward to your toddler’s bedtime, so you can try out a new story you wrote. You’ve never felt so inspired and imaginative before and you’ve realised how much you’ve missed creative writing.
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Licking the spoon

The indulgent desire to lick the spoon has never really gone away.
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Oh the simple satisfaction of building castles out of Lego. Much more fun that the chaos of the kitchen re-fit you’re currently trying to organise.
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Obstacle courses

You love constructing fun obstacle courses for your little one (and the dog!)
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Treasure hunts

Sometimes you have to hold in your desire to sprint to the next clue, throwing your little one’s friends out the way to be victorious. You can’t help the fact you’re competitive!
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Playing on the swings

Having a child has made it perfectly acceptable to play on the swings at the local playground. You’re no longer getting funny looks, which is a bonus.
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Hide and seek

You may be a lot bigger than you once were, but you’ve never really lost the thrill of finding a great hiding place (plus it gives you a few minutes of peace and quiet).
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After a long day you actually look forward to taking out all the tension on the Play-Doh – it’s just like a stress ball!
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