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5 child-friendly DIY projects to try this summer

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Get crafty with your little ones this summer, with these great ideas for do-it-yourself projects for little hands. You'll have just as much fun as the kids! By Joseph Beeby, DIY Guru and Handyman Operations Manager at Handy (, the UK’s fastest-growing provider of on-demand cleaning and DIY experts.
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Paint your pebbles

A fun way to brighten up your outdoor space is to decorate some garden pebbles using brightly coloured paints. Flat, oblong stones are easily transformed into bumblebees and ladybirds, while circular ones make fantastic flowers, footballs and funny faces.
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Turn old drawers in to outdoor planters

It might be that you already have an old chest of drawers, otherwise you can pick one up from a local recycling centre or car boot sale for a few pounds. If you remove the drawers from the frame, you and your children can use weatherproof paint to decorate the drawers with fun colourful patterns or pretty garden scenes. You can then fill the drawer with soil, pick out some flowers and you have a homemade flower garden.
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Create an outdoors drawing space

A great way to create an outdoors drawing station is to paint a large piece of MDF with blackboard paint. You and your children can create a fun border by gluing shells collected from the beach old buttons around the edge. Simply prop the board against the garden wall, add a plant pot full of chalks and you have your very own garden drawing station. Alternatively, paint one side of your garden shed or Wendy-house with blackboard paint, creating a giant easel that can be used for drawing or keeping score when playing outdoor games.
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Upcycle those old clothes or bedsheets

Sewing is fun, and underrated. Why not cut up some old pieces of fabric to make some bunting to brighten up the garden fence or to hang in the bedroom? Want something a little more adventurous? Have a go at designing and making a family flag that can fly in the garden. If you use a light coloured fabric you can draw fun patterns on your bunting or decorate your flag using fabric pens.
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Re-varnish your decking or touch-up your garden fence

It is really important that children learn basic DIY from a young age, so why not let them get involved in some real-life home decorating? Most families look to refresh outdoor paint and varnish in the heat of summer, so invest in a smaller paint brush and some overalls and let the children feel grown up by getting involved. They will love playing outside and seeing their handiwork, too. From now until the end of August, Handy has today pledged to donate all proceeds from the building of cots and cribs over the course of the next month to The British Association for Adoption and Fostering ( - the UK's leading charity for children separated from their birth families. To book a handyman and donate to BAAF click here to enter the details of your crib assembly.
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