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14 LGBT books to teach your little one how beautifully diverse the world is

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Pride celebrations are in full swing this month as people across the UK shout about social and self-acceptance, achievements, legal rights, and pride! It’s a good time to think about the world your little one is growing up in and the best way to teach them about society today.

It's so important that young children get to see different types of lives, loves and family setups reflected in the books you share with them.

However, for many same-sex parents and carers, these kinds of picture books can be tough to find.

Well, look no further, BookTrust, the UK’s largest reading charity, has pulled together a list of our favourite children's books (for 5 and under) that show – and celebrate – diverse families, gender fluidity and more!

They're also brilliant, fun reads that you'll really love sharing with your child.

Emily Drabble, Head of Books, BookTrust says:

“Books can be both windows and mirrors to the world – it’s important to be able to learn about the people environment around you through reading and be able to see yourself within books. That’s why reading to your little ones is an impactful way to teach your child about LGBTQI+ themes in our world and different situations that they might face as they grow up, or perhaps that is already in your family.”

Here are the best LGBT books for kids: 

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1) The Family Book, Todd Parr, £4.99, Amazon

The Family Book focuses on all families being special in their own way. Todd Parr celebrates the varieties of families and how we should embrace our differences. 
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2) My Two Dads and Me, Michael Joosten, £6.99, Amazon

My Two Dads and Me celebrates the lives of families with same-sex parents. It illustrates the busy dads and their kids throughout their average day. 
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3) Made By Raffi, Craig Pomranz, £7.99, Amazon

This book is about a boy called Raffi, who is quiet and gets picked on at school. He spends his time knitting a scarf for his dad's birthday, and it turns out he saves the school's pageant show. 
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4) Mommy, Mama and Me, Leslea Newman, £4.72, Amazon

Mommy, Mama and Me is a book that shows the loving bond between same-sex parents and their children. This visual book will show your toddler an average day of spending time with their mummies. 
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5) And Tango Makes Three, Justin Richardson, £5.30, Amazon

Roy and Silo are two penguins at Central Park Zoo. The book shows their desire to have a family of their own. 
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6) The Boy Who Cried Fabulous, Leslea Newman, £3.16, Amazon

A boy called Roger who describes everything as fabulous. But his parents want Roger to see things the way they do, so they ban him from saying fabulous. 
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7) Baby's First Words, Tessa Strickland, £9.90, Amazon

A book that follows what it's like to be a baby with two dads, providing labels for objects and sound effects to play with. 
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8) Under the Love Umbrella, Davina Francesca Bell, £6.99, Amazon

An award-winning book that is a reminder to children that there will be love wherever you go and will always be with you. 
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9) Julian Is a Mermaid, Jessica Love, £5.03, Amazon

A visual story about a boy who dreams of being a mermaid revealed through images and art. 
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10) We Are Family, Patricia Hegerty, £7.74, Amazon

This book illustrates that love can be found in all families. It has a mix of peoples, ages, and races and explores what families can overcome together. 
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11) This Day in June, Gayle E. Pitman, £9.65, Amazon


This Day in June lets readers experience Pride and provides parents and carers with information on how to educate children with sexual orientation and gender identity. 
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12) Introducing Teddy, Jessica Walton, £6.99, Amazon


This is a sweet story about Errol and his best friend, Thomas, who is a teddy. Jessica Walton writes about the importance of being true to yourself and always have your friend's back. 
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13) Want To Play Trucks? Ann Scott, £5.31, Amazon

Best buddies Alex and Jack have completely different interests. Jack likes diggers and trucks, and Alex likes dolls, and they play together every day. This story is about the value of friendship and compromise. 
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14) Stella Brings The Family, Miriam B. Schiffer, £12.99, Amazon

It's a Mothers Day celebration in Stella's class and Stella has two dads. But Stella has an idea up her sleeve. A story about acceptance and making your children feel loved and supported. 

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