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Chicco Baby Rodeo Ride-on Rocking Horse

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Searching for a cute rocking horse that will stand the test of time? With its striking new design, the Baby Rodeo from Chicco is an electronic ride-on suitable for little ones 12-months-old and above. Unlike other rocking horses on the market, the Baby Rodeo comes to life thanks to it's clever in-built sensors - it can move its eyes and neigh with joy when stoked or fed with a carrort. 

Baby RodeoLike all of the best toys on the market, the Baby Rodeo has more than one function, keeping your child entertained for years: 

  • As a rocker: From 12-months-old and up, the Baby Rodeo acts as a rocker for your toddler, thanks to its safe and sturdy rocking horse base. 
  • As a ride-on: Once your baby have developed the motor skills to sit and push themselves on a ride-on, you can remoe the rocking base and use the Baby Rodeo as a ride on, allowing your tot to push themselves round the room independently. 
  • As an electronic activity centre: With two extra buttons with music and sound, the Baby Rodeo will soon become your little one's favourite companion. 

Suitable for babies from one to three years, available on Amazon