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Chicco Food Truck

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Every parent knows how handy it is to find a toy that not only keeps your little one entertained for hours, but has multiple uses to encourage different developmental skills. The Chicco Food Truck is a great example of this - a 2-in-1 activity centre packed with fun games. 

As a complete kitchen, the Food Truck features lots of mechanical and electronic activities to bring out the budding chef in your tot! Your little one can cook, prepare the bill and servethe meals, stimulating their imagination as well as developing their playing and social skills. 

Food truck

When the window and curtain is closed, the second mode is activited and the truck becomes a vechicle that can be pushed around the house, ready for the next tasty adventure! 

Not only does the toy teach your little one the alphabet, numbers, colours and different foods, it comes with all the accessories you need for playtime, including a stackable hamburger that looks good enough to eat, a pot, cutlery and types of food. We particularly love the cash till, encouraging your tot to press the buttons and learn the numbers.

Food truck

Suitable from 12 months to four years, available on Amazon.