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How To Make An Easter Bonnet

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Get your toddler involved in a typical Easter tradition by making a hat or bonnet. All you need is a base from which to start decorating and you can let your toddler add what she wants – the more outlandish the better

Straw Hat Bonnet

Plain straw hat – you can buy them in a Pound shop
Fluffy chicks
Fake flowers

  1. Let your toddler pick out what she wants to add to the hat then tie ribbon round the outside, securing with a bow.
  2. Weave some of the fake flowers, chicks and feathers around the rim of the hat, attaching with a stapler.
  3. Draw out egg shapes on the cardboard and let your toddler colour them in, then staple them round the top of the hat, too.

Rabbit Ears Headband

White cardboard
Fake fur in white and pink
Cotton wool

  1. Take a strip of card about 10cm wide, wrap round your toddler’s head to get the correct circumference and staple the ends together.
  2. Cut out two oval ‘ear shapes’, use them as a template to cut the same ear shape into the fake fur, then stick the fur to the card with the glue and staple to the headband.
  3. Cut out smaller oval shapes with the pink fur to make the ‘inner ear’ and glue or staple to the white ears.
  4. You can add a couple of balls of cotton wool to the back of the headband to act as a fluffy tail.

Cardboard Bonnet

A4 size piece of coloured cardboard
Extra coloured cardboard

  1. Measure 10cm from each of the shorter ends of the card then make two 5cm-deep along one of the longer sides.
  2. Make two 5cm cuts along one of the longer sides of the card – each cut should be made about 10cm from the shorter end of the card.
  3. Pull the outer flaps round so they meet and staple to the middle section (see pictures below). This will force the card into a curved shape like an old-fashioned style bonnet.
  4. Make a hole in each side of the bonnet and thread a piece of ribbon through each hole so they can be tied together under the chin.
  5. Decorate with paints, glitter, feathers and extra cardboard egg and chick shapes.

Step 1

Step 2

NB: When making crafts and decorating with your toddler, make sure you’re doing all of the cutting and stapling to avoid injuries.

Have you made an Easter bonnet for your little one? Let us know below.


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