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Thoughtful gift ideas to say thank you to your child's nursery teacher

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The end of the school year is approaching, and if your tot is leaving nursery to progress to 'big school', a gift will most likely be in order for his lovely nursery teacher. 

After two years together, they will have got to know each other pretty well and, let's face it, this teacher is a big part of your little one's life! But what to get? Everyone will go for a box of choccies, so why not go for something a bit different? You could go down the DIY route and make a little something with your toddler, from cakes to painted mugs, to a bunch of flowers made of card and colourful tissue paper. Or, if you'd like to buy something a little more substantial, to thank her and the nursery school for all their hard work.

Here are some thoughtful gift ideas to say thank you to your child's nursery teacher...

1. Butterfly Garden, Argos, £17.99

A live butterfly garden is a great present for any nursery classroom, as it lasts a long time and will capture the attention of every child as they watch their caterpillars grow. The hatching kit comes with 5 caterpillars and lots of nutritious food to ensure they hatch into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Over a period of 5 weeks, toddlers help to feed and raise the caterpillars, before releasing the transformed butterflies them into the wild! Plus, it's the perfect time to buy this present as caterpillars are only available between March and mid-September. Happy hatching!

2. Photo AND Video Printer, £104, Life Print


Though on the pricey side, this innovative gift will allow you to print your favourite photos and videos from Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat! Yep, 2018 is here and you can even print video. Lifeprint's Augmented Reality Hyper photos make your prints magically come to life in your hands. We are obsessed with ours. 

3. Paint your own mug, £2.50, Amazon 

Nursery teachers say there's something really special about receiving a personal present from one of their students, as they can keep it forever and every time they use it, they think of your little one. That's why getting your tot to paint a mug is the perfect gift for that personal touch. He can paint her name or just a little picture on it using this kit - it's such a lovely gesture that is sure to go down well. This kit from Amazon is only £2.50.

4. Flower seeds, £1.49, Amazon

Another very personal idea is to give your nursery teacher a pack of flower seeds, such as these beautiful Dahlias you can get from Amazon. Attach a gift note from your little one saying, "You helped me grow." Flowers are always a lovely present to receive and the sentiment is sure to pull on her heart-strings. 

5. Personalised cushion, £6.99, Amazon

This personalised cushion from Amazon is the perfect gift for any nursery teacher. Like the mug, it's something they'll keep for a long time and will make them feel warm and fuzzy when they see it every morning on the sofa. Personalise it with your child's name for that extra touch. 

6. Relaxation Gift Set, £20, Not On The Highstreet

Let's face it, teachers work very hard, so if you really want to thank her for the hours she's put in, why not go for a pampering relaxation gift set from Not On The Highstreet? Give her the gift of some well-deserved 'me time' with this luxurious kit, including a clay face mask, a hand poured candle and a mineral bath infusion. Mmmm.

7. 'Put your feet up' socks, £11.20, Not On The Highstreet

In keeping with the relaxation theme, these 'put your feet up' personalised socks are a fun gift idea for any hard-working nursery teacher! Just choose the colour you want, personalise with your teacher's name and prepare to be remembered as the parents that thought of the most creative present...

8Personalised book, £12.71, Not On The Highstreet 

Now of course, you could always make this kind of book yourself, but if you want something simple and straightforward that your child can fill in, this personalised book is a great idea. With pages like 'this is a picture of me' for your child to draw, and adjectives to fill in about your teacher, like SUPER, BRILLIANT or LOVELY, this is a really thoughtful present that his nursery teacher will cherish. 

9. Tissue paper flowers, £3.99, Baker Ross

If you want to go DIY with your gift idea, make a beautiful big bunch of tissue-paper flowers for your nursery teacher. They're bright, cheerful and will last a long time, as they won't need to be fed or watered...! Here's a great kit with all the tissue paper and pipe cleaners you and your tot will need. 


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