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Prince George Adds To His Toy Box – With A Giant Wombat

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He’s the boy who (probably) has everything and now Prince George has a cuddly wombat to keep him company on his tour around Australia

It’s likely that Prince William and Kate don’t have much time for shopping while touring Australia, but at least their son George will be returning home with a good few souvenirs.

The baby prince was given a giant stuffed animal wombat from Australia’s Govenor-General Sir Peter Cosgrave on his first day in Australia – and, despite it being about four times the size of him, looked thrilled with it.

The royal family are currently touring the country as part of their second leg of their first official tour together and their eight-month-old son has received many presents along the way, including a giant blue teddy bear from his New Zealand playdate, an Avanti mini bike and a rubber boat. The prince is also keeping to a down under style theme with a kangaroo backpack that has barely left his nanny’s side.

George has become something of a style icon, too, as his outfits have been selling out almost instantly – just like his mum’s.

The family will be touring Australia for the next nine days and kicked off their schedule yesterday with a visit to the Sydney Opera House. In a speech, William mentioned his late mother, as well as his son, who he said is, ‘busy forging his own link with Australia.’ Wills also hinted at what his son’s first word may be.

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