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Storytime is the most important skill for modern dads

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Storytime is the most important skill for modern dads

A new survey by LEGO® DUPLO® has shown that modern dads love storytime as much as their little ones. 

More than a third of dads surveyed said bedtime stories were the most important thing they do with their toddlers, with more than half of dads being able to recite the words to The Gruffalo. 

Top 5 ‘modern day dad’ skills

  • Reading a bedtime story: dads do this up to 19 times a month
  • Keeping children entertained while travelling: nearly twice a week
  • Understanding how to use games on smartphone/tablet: up to 17 times a month
  • Knowing the name of a child’s favourite character: knowing your Mr Tumble from your Peppa Pig – this crops up every other day
  • Baking together with their child: 7 times a month

92% of young dads surveyed say that a lot of their skill set is totally different to that of their own Dad when they were a child.  For example, today’s dad doesn’t do the following:

  • Tune the TV
  • Read a map
  • Adjust the boiler
  • Play chess
  • Light a fire

Favourite activities for dads

With dads being big kids themselves, when asked what their favourite thing to do with their child was, nearly a quarter said taking children to the park for some fresh air outdoors fun. Coming second was reading together which explains why they do this up to 19 times a month. 

Also, just over 10% enjoy getting the LEGO DUPLO bricks out for some building fun.

Top 5 favourite things for dads to do with the kids

  • Playing in the park
  • Reading
  • Building things out of LEGO DUPLO
  • Watching TV programmes/movies together
  • Listening to their child read

Top 5 least favourite daddy tasks

It was clear there are some tasks, whilst necessary, that aren’t high up on the fun list.  Least favourite includes:

  • Changing a nappy
  • Breaking up arguments between siblings
  • Attempting to plait hair
  • Getting their child dressed
  • Fixing things around the house

Finally, time is a valuable commodity, and if there was more of it nearly half of all dads would head straight to the park with their kids.  

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