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Summer's Best Outdoor Toys

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When it's too hot to even go to the park, if you're lucky enough to have some outside space pop one of these funtime finds in it - we bet the big kids amongst you will love them too...
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Hedstrom Folding Toddler Swing, £34.99,

Once the playtime is over and your little cherub is napping, you can fold this baby away.
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Junior Trampoline, £29.99, Toys R Us

Safe for the littlest of little people (at least, those that can walk!) this has the advantage of being portable enough to move inside during the odd summer shower (this is England, after all).
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Plum® 10ft Magnitude Trampoline & 3G Enclosure, £249.99,

Wear out your bigger, erm, offspring, with a trampoline they’ll never grow out of. (And yes, you can have a go too – but maybe after their bedtime.)
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Water and Sand Table, £45.00,

Hours of fun for curious heads and hands. Keep it as far away from indoors as poss to limit the amount of sand trodden in by those curious feet!
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TP Toys Double Wooden Swing, £109.99,

‘I’m bored of the swings’ – said no toddler, ever. Classic outdoor fun.
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Chad Valley Road Paddling Pool, £19.99,

Is it a pool? Is it a car track? Is it a ball pool? Answer: it’s all of them. The space-saver’s guide to keeping cool AND entertained.
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Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Car, £43.99.

Bring soft play home with this national treasure. They’ll still be trying to squeeze into it aged seven.
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John Deere HPX Gator Toy Tractor, £420.00,

Forget pedal power – with room for two, this electric tractor will satisfy even the smallest of speed demons (don’t forget a safety helmet though).
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Dora the Explorer Talking Backpack Toy, £19.99,

No garden? Claim the great outdoors as your own (and your toddler’s own) and explore with a Dora Talking Backpack toy. You’ll need a map, need a map, need a map…
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Napoli Steamer Chair with Cream Cushion, £90.00,

And whilst your babes are playing happily, you can sit back and relax. Well, for at least 30 seconds, anyway…
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