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The Best Boutique Toddler Toys

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If you're on the hunt for a brilliant quality toy that won't fall apart about a week after your tot gets his hands on it, check out these boutique buys from online shopping destination StorkUp
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Chunky Farm Puzzle, Melissa & Doug at Twinkle Twinkle, £8.99

This super chunky puzzle is ideal for small hands and its pieces stand upright for pretend play. It promotes hand-eye coordination, creative expression and fine motor skills, and helps little ones become familiar with the new spring arrivals in the fields!
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Ride-On Bumble Bee, Wheelybug at Pitter Patter Products, £59

A ride-on toy that does everything, the Bumble Bee can be ridden, pushed and pulled — forwards, backwards, sideways and in a circle. It's great for improving toddler mobility, and also comes in an equally cute ladybird design.
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Kullala, Bebemoda, £62.95

This inventive toddler toy encourages fine motor skills and teaches cause and effect. Your little one will be captivated by the rolling balls, chiming bells and brightly coloured sections. This is the kind of game you could be expected to play over and over again!
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Kubix, Bebemoda, £22.99

Every playroom should have a box of building blocks! This set of 50 brightly painted wooden cubes has a contemporary twist: the shapes can be interlocked or stacked to create amazing constructions, or arranged in a square to form patterns. Great for developing fine motor and cognitive skills, and encouraging creative play.
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Bajo Bird Rattle, Piccolo Bambino, £7.99

This adorable baby bird rattle is beautifully hand crafted and tweets when it's shaken. A perfect gift for the new addition to an eco-friendly family, it's made of sustainable timbers and finished in natural, protein based paints and bee's wax, making it completely safe for baby.
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Pingy Family Wooden Pull Along, Niddle Noddle, £20

Babies will be captivated by the Pingy penguin family's vibrant colours and it's a great for toddlers too, providing encouragement when it's time to take those first steps. A lovely retro toy that is sure to stand the test of time.
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Forest Activity House, Knots Toys, £39

Kids from 12 months will love explore all the features of this charming wooden house, of which there are plenty! A clock with moveable hands helps develop fine motor skills and introduces preschoolers to the concept of time. A shape sorter and interlocking roof panels teach cause and effect, while the handle makes it easy for toddlers to carry around.
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Alligator Push Toy, Melissa & Doug at Twinkle Twinkle, £22.49

You can count on these three chomping alligators to encourage your toddler to walk! With spinning beads, and embellishments on the handle and wheels featuring a range of animals, this push toy provides a truly multi sensory experience, boosting hand-eye coordination and developing gross motor skills.
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Little Red Riding Hood Doll, Clovis by Meiken, £45

This handmade Little Red Riding Hood doll is cute and cuddly, and even comes with a basket of cookies. The perfect alternative to a traditional doll for a toddler looking for a new miniature playmate.
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Louis et Clementine Fruit and Vegetable Set, Djeco at Mungo & Maisie, £12.95

Spring picnics require lots of delicious, nutritious food, and you can't go wrong with this lovely fruit and vegetable set. Delightfully soft and squishy for little hands to squeeze, the wide range of fruit and veg — including kiwi, grapes, radish, potato and red pepper — are presented in a beautifully illustrated box that doubles up as a shop front to encourage pretend play.
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Mini Purple Kiddie Bike, Kiddie Bikes, £23

Spring is here, and it's time for outdoor play! This ride-on trike is lightweight yet sturdy, comes in a range of colours and is great value for money.
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Pink Knitted Elephant Rattle, Best Years at The Enchanted Kids Company, £9.99

This eye-catching pink elephant rattle is cute enough to double up as a treasured soft toy. Suitable from birth, the trunk and ears are chewable for those troublesome teething moments.
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Igor the Wolf, Moulin Roty at The Enchanted Kids Company, £14.99

Forget Spring lambs and baby chicks, it's all about Igor the Wolf this season! Suitable from birth, little Igor stands 20cm tall, so he's the perfect size to accompany your tot on his travels.
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Bilibo, Bebemoda, £21.90

What exactly is the bilbio? It's whatever your child wants it to be! This award-winning, shell-shaped toy encourages children to be creative and inventive and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
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Building Blocks Police Car, Wrapped up 4u, £13.50

A set of building blocks, a car and a noisy toy — all in one! This helps kids develop fine motor skills, problem solve and encourages creative play.
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Multi Activity Cube, Wrapped Up 4u, £22

This multi activity cube will keep a toddler's hands busy! Great for developing fine motor skills. It includes a xylophone, shape sorters, a clock and bead threading loops.
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Dolls Pram, Moover at Pitter Patter Products, £59

Once your toddler can walk unaided, she can look the part with this sweet, stylish wooden dolls pram. Make the most of the Spring sunshine and take it for a stroll.
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Fish and Splash Bath Boat, Early Whirly, £29.99

A floating fishing boat, captain, range of sea creatures and nesting cups makes this bath toy tick all the right boxes. The octopus doubles up as a comb and the whale a nail brush, to help introduce good hygiene habits to your toddler!
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