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9 educational apps that toddlers will love

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There is a constant debate about whether or not smartphones are damaging toddlers' brains which was based on a report reviewing the positive and negative effects of so-called 'mobile media' on very young children. 

But with the right apps, you can help your child learn, as well as develop their motor skills, problem-solving and reaction times.

We've found 9 apps that are all well designed, educational and can be counted in your guilt-free screen-time quota.

9 toddler-friendly apps:

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1) Elmo Loves 123s Lite, Free, iTunes

This colourful app is free to download and is full of games, activities and videos which help your childs development. The games include number tracing, counting objects and problem solving. It's suitable for ages 4+ and you can download the full version for just £4.99. 
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2) ABC Kids Tracing & Phonics, Free, Google Play

A simple education game that's suitable for ages 5 and under. The kid-friendly app is brightly coloured help to teach your toddler how to trace the alphabet and learn phonics. 
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3) Playtime Island, Free, iTunes

There is something for everyone on Cbeebies Playtime Island and it's jam-packed full of fun games for kids - for free! With games from all the Cbeebies characters the game is suitable for ages 4+ and is available on Google Play.
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4) Jack and the Beanstalk, £4.99, iTunes

From British books and apps publisher Nosy Crow, this fairytale makes reading all the more fun by actively encouraging children to make their own ending! 
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5) Disney Junior Play, Free, iTunes

With over 20 games this magical app encourages problem solving, imaginative play and observation skills. The "Disney Juniors Pack" is completely free but if you want more Disney, then in-app purchases are available which only adults can purchase. Also available on Google Play.
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6) Gruffalo Games, £2.99, iTunes

With 6 Gruffalo themed mini-game this educational app is designed to develop logic, problem solving and reactions for children aged 3 and above! There's no in-app purchases so your little ones can enjoy everything on the app. 
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7) Teach Your Monster to Read, £4.99, Google Play

An award-winning phonics and reading game that's designed to help your kids to read! Let them create their own monster and play games that help their understanding of phonics and word blends! It covers the first two years of learning to read, from matching letters and sounds to enjoying little books. Also available on iTunes.
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8) Cbeebies Storytime, Free, iTunes

Free books with the Cbeebies characters that parents and children can enjoy together, with guided interaction points that your children will love! 
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9) 123 Numbers, Free, Google Play

This fun app teaches little ones how to count and trace numbers and learn shapes, with no in-app purchases!

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