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A Dad Recreates Album Covers Using His Young Sons As Models

One dad has taken photographing his children to a whole new level…

A dad in the US has created a series of photographs starring his young sons. But they’re not any old photographs. Instead, Lance Underwood has recreated classic album covers and used his two children to impersonate the singers.
Lance, from Delaware, posted the photographs on his blog QT Albums – all of which were taken on his mobile phone.
Lance’s sons, Amar, four, and Taj, seven, are snapped imitating music greats including Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole, Bob Dylan and Bill Cosby.

'Sometimes getting Amar, who was three for most of the pictures, to co-operate was a challenge, but he always nails the pose,' Lance told Mail Online.
An eye doctor by profession, Lance does photography on the side and revealed that the photos don’t take very long to take – but sourcing the clothes for each shot can take time. 'Taj says his favorite part is dressing up as the musicians,' says Lance.
Lance isn’t the only parent to get creative with taking photos of his kids. One mother recently released photos of her 10-month-old baby and their rescue dog in matching outfits and there have been plenty more brilliant staged baby photos taken by parents.
For tips and advice on taking the perfect snap of your tot, click here.
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