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'Do As I Say And Not As I Do' - And Other Parental Hypocrisies

We’ve all been there – told our kids one thing and done the complete opposite ourselves. From not sharing your dessert to giving up on practically everything you start, here are the values that we tell our tots they should abide by but that we tend to skirt around…
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Sharing: You ask your toddler to share her Peppa Pig toy with her playdate pal

But there’s no way you’re sharing your honeycomb cheesecake dessert with your husband on date night. [Corbis]
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Persistence: You tell your child she should finish her puzzle before moving onto another game

The fact that you’ve given up on 112 Sudoku puzzles (and counting) is of no matter. [Corbis]
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Strength: ‘It’s just a little ouchie, be a brave girl’ you tell your daughter when she cuts her knee

But it was a different matter when you stubbed your little toe you screamed the house down - and turned the air blue with swears. [Corbis]
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Forgiveness: You ask your toddler to forgive her brother for breaking her Frozen DVD

But you still haven’t gotten over the fact that you sister ruined your favourite heels on a boozy night out. [Corbis]
Pregnancy Cravings – What Do They Mean? Expand Image Pregnancy Cravings – What Do They Mean?

Honesty: You remind your little one that honesty is the best policy

Sure. Because ‘if you don’t eat your vegetables, you won’t grow’ isn't a lie. [Corbis]
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Politeness: You tell your tot to mind her Ps and Qs

However, you can’t help yourself laying into the traffic warden for giving you a parking ticket. You obvs didn’t have time to buy a ticket – you’ve got a two-year-old with a nappy that needed changing, and besides that - he was rude. [Corbis]
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Right from wrong: You explain to your little one that she shouldn’t take other children’s toys without asking

But you have no qualms sneaking your partner’s iPad for a browse on ASOS. [Corbis]
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Kindness: You tell your child to be nice to the other children at nursery

But you would rather be encounter your third messy nappy of the day than be nice to your power-tripping boss. [Corbis]
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Obedience: You tell your toddler to do as she’s told

Something that definitely doesn’t apply after you’ve had a few drinks. [Corbis]
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