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Hilarious Video Shows Toddler Bossing Her Dad Around

Here in the M&B office we love stumbling across a hilarious toddler video – especially when the footage shows a parent being put in their place by their tot

We’re used to helping out little ones out with almost everything. Tying their shoelaces, getting dressed, building dens. So it comes as quite a surprise when your toddler decides to help you out by dishing out some sensible advice, just like the little girl in this video.

Filmed putting her seat belt on in the car, the toddler tells her dad to ‘worry about yourself!’ while determinedly fastening her own car seat clasp. The video, posted on YouTube by her dad, has racked up almost four million views.

Watch the full video below.   

Does your toddler boss your around? Share your stories in the comment box below. 

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