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Taking The Kids To A Wedding? The Coping Strategies You Need To Know

A bit of prep and creativity will help you enjoy the big day with your baby or toddler

While we love it when brides and grooms make an effort to include children in their wedding, it can be a struggle keeping your baby quiet during the vows or your toddler entertained for the speeches.

So, think ahead to help the day go more smoothly.

1. Pick your outfit wisely

Before, choosing your wedding wardrobe generally revolved around how long you could manage in those heels.

Now? Consider what colour and material can handle a milk/food stain (prints disguise, while silk/satin tends to show up wet marks), as well as what’s accessible for feeding (try a wrap or shirt dress).

2. Do the prep

Get your toddler excited ahead of the day by telling her about things that’ll happen – seeing the bride, throwing confetti or lots of dancing.

It’ll put her at ease and you can point things out.

3. Pack a change of clothes…

For your baby in case she gets a bit food-happy, has an accident or over-zealously acquaints herself with the grass.

Consider what colour and material can handle a milk/food stain as well as what’s accessible for feeding

4. Bring handbag tricks

Bubbles, stickers, any books or games they love. Ideal for the service.

But if your child does cry or talk a little, try not to panic – your hosts want kids there and there’s no harm in popping out for a walk around the churchyard if you need to.

5. Offer treat foods

For desperate moments. Maybe a lolly or crisps that you wouldn’t usually give your toddler.

6. Have back up eats

Something substantial like a sandwich in case the main meal is late arriving and your toddler can’t wait.

7. Create games

Use what’s around you – so Eye Spy when the canapés are going round, a treasure hunt during the reception, or photo challenges where the kids search for different things with a disposable camera.

8. Embrace the tech

Bored in the service or getting a bit grouchy? All hail phone apps… on silent mode if it’s mid-speech.

9. Divvy up tasks fairly

It can be easy for the childcare on the day to fall to one person, especially if your baby’s small or breastfeeding.

But try to share tasks with your partner so you both have time with friends as well.

10. Get sleep smart

Bring the buggy so you can walk your toddler round the block if she needs a nap.

What helps you enjoy a wedding with your child? Let us know on the comments board below.

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