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The Cutest Apology Ever?

Little girl puts faith back into Christmas spirit with hand written letter to John Lewis to say sorry for breaking bauble.

A broken bauble is nothing to cry over, but five-year-old Faith believes Christmas is certainly the time for apologies when she sent a handwritten letter to say sorry to her local John Lewis store. 

Along with attaching two pound coins to the note, Faith apologised for the damage she caused at the Cambridge branch near her home on Saturday.

Faith wrote, 'I'm sorry I broke a bauble and here is the money to pay for it.’

It’s a story as heart-warming as ‘The Bear and the Hare’ 2013 John Lewis advert and it’s definitely had the same social media impact as the tear-jerking Christmas ad.  John Lewis launched an appeal via Twitter to find the five-year-old girl who wrote them a letter saying sorry for breaking a bauble.

Store manager, Dominic Joyce said, ‘The letter arrived on Tuesday afternoon and had no return address or indication of who the young girl was – we really want to find out who she is so we can thank her.

‘She visited us on one of our busiest weekends of the year and we still are unsure as to which bauble was broken.

‘We’d like to thank her and because of her adorable letter maybe give her something from the store she would like.’

Posting the appeal, they tweeted,  ‘@johnlewisretail the cutest letter sent to JL Cambridge. There is no address so we wanted to thank Faith on Twitter!’

And since the tweet was posted, users have started using the hashtag 'FindFaith' in the hope of identifying the little girl.

Dominic continued to say, ‘We will keep looking until we find her.

We’re hopeful we will as many people have shown interest as it has slowly spread to websites with the help of Twitter.’

Faith is believed to have visited the John Lewis store for an event based on its Bare and Hare television advertising campaign.

How are your little ones behaving before the annual visit from Santa?

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