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Toddler Vs. Mum: Watch The Ultimate Cupcake Debate

We’ve all been through that ‘you’re-not-allowed-dessert-if-you-haven’t-finished-your-dinner’ argument with our tots – so it might be best not to let your toddler see this brilliant counter argument for inspiration…

Three year old Mateo knows a thing or two about arguing. The clued up American toddler has made headlines recently with his articulate (and adorable) argument with his mum as to why he deserves cupcake.

The potential lawyer-in-the-making was caught sneaking cupcakes by his mum Linda Beltran after refusing to eat dinner. Watch Mateo’s hilarious comeback to his mum’s questioning below… (we particularly love how he cheekily first-names his mum and calls her ‘honey’).

‘Gramma told me he didn’t want to eat his dinner,’ mum Linda told UberSpotlight. ‘I let know that we would not be having a fun night unless he ate his dinner. He found some hidden cupcakes and was on a mission to have them.

‘After a back-and-forth of “Mommy pleassseee can I have them?” and me telling him not until he had dinner, he decided to wait until I wasn’t paying attention to use those cute eyes of his on Gramma, which was not-so-secretly hilarious.’

And knowing what her tot was like, Linda cleverly decided to film the whole saga – which has racked up almost three million views since it was posted online last month. 

‘Mommy’s spidey-sense kicked in, I grabbed my phone and thought, “Let’s see where this goes.” Gramma and I had to keep a straight face,’ Linda recalled of the event. ‘The end result was the video. He was unaware the camera was on as I was pretending to ignore him and be busy with the phone.’

Is your toddler a force to be reckoned with? Let us know in the comments box below.

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