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Water Games To Play To Beat The Heat This Summer (No Pool Required)

OK, so the weather here may not be rivaling the Mediterranean's climate any time soon, but we are set to get a fair few more sun-soaked days this summer. So, in an effort to make the most of them, we've scoured Pinterest for some of the most creative ways for your little one to stay cool while having fun – with barely any expense. Try these on grass to help avoid slip-induced accidents. *Warning: you will definitely get wet*
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Water limbo

Hold the hose in the air and encourage your tot to jump around under it while trying to stay as dry as possible. [Corbis]
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Catch the water balloon

Hours of fun can be had filling up water balloons and playing gentle catch rather than throwing them at one another. Just go easy on your toddler – his aim won’t be as good as yours! [Pinterest]
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Water activity board

If your little one's too young to get stuck into an active water game, he'll probably be content watching and playing with a DIY water feature. Simply hook up various buckets, colanders and sieves and let your tot pour water through them all. [Pinterest]
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Outdoor paddling pool

Nothing beats a good old splash around in the paddling pool – particularly when you throw in some floating toys for your toddler to play with. [Corbis]
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Wet sand pit

If you’ve got a sand pit, pour water into it on really hot days. Your little one can use the wet sand to sculpt things and make sandcastles on hot days. [Alamy]
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Family car wash

OK, so washing the car may take longer with your tot involved but you’ll all have lots of hours of fun with buckets of water and sponges. [Pinterest]
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Sponge at the bulls eye

Mark an ‘X’ on the grass, soak some sponges in a bucket and see if your child can hit the ‘X’. [Pinterest]
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Squirting ducks along gutters

If you can get to a DIY store, buy two long plastic gutters and using water pistols race plastic ducks along them. [Pinterest]
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Trike car wash

If you’ve got any low hanging branches, you can set up a brilliant Trike wash for your toddler. Hang wet sponges from the branches and your tot can ride through them on his bike. Hours of fun guaranteed. [Pinterest]
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Water skittles

This is the perfect family garden game. Fill up plastic bottles with water and try and knock them down! [Pinterest]
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Ice cube and spoon race

Swap the usual egg for an ice cube and away you go! [Pinterest]

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