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What’s Really In Kids’ Letters To Santa?

A study of all those carefully written letters to Santa has revealed that one toy in particular keeps topping those Christmas wish lists…

If you’re still um-ing and ah-ing over those last-minute buys, go traditional this Christmas. An audit of letters to Santa by Royal Mail shows the old school classic Lego is at the top of most children’s wish lists this year.

A team of helpers opens the letters by hand before they are forwarded to St. Nick’s Arctic HQ, but this year they also analysed them in a bid to find out what kids really want. 

The post office looked at over 200,000 letters sent to the official Santa postcode, XM4 5HQ, from children in the UK to produce a top 10 based on their wish lists – with surprising results.

The age-old favourite Lego, first produced over 60 years ago, beat modern rivals including game consoles and tablets to take this year’s Christmas crown. Demand for the multi-coloured building blocks was so high it even pushed Peppa Pig out of the running.

Surprisingly, the Xbox was the only tech item to make an appearance, so perhaps our little ones aren't as digital focussed as often thought.

Chief elf and Royal Mail spokesman Alex McConnell said, ‘Santa allowed us to take a peek at what children are asking for this year and it seems that they clearly still love making and building things with timeless Lego, as it took top place as this year's most wanted Christmas present.’

Here’s the full top 10:

  1. Lego
  2. One Direction merchandise
  3. Furby
  4. Moshi Monsters
  5. Monster High Dolls
  6. Sofia Talking Doll
  7. Doc McStuffin’s Doctor Bag
  8. Nerf Gun
  9. Xbox One
  10. Peppa Pig

What’s on your toddler’s wish list this Christmas? Let us know in the comment box below...

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